The Corporate Structure Behind Healthcare Today

Most people are not aware that the hospital or medical clinic they go to for care, is actually owned by a larger corporation. Healthcare is one of the largest industries in North America, which is not limited to insurance. There are many small systems within the corporate structure of the healthcare system. On a smaller scale, healthcare can be broken down into categories for hospitals, medical and dental practices and all other areas of care, including nursing home facilities. In addition to the groups for the healthcare field itself, there are also two main categories for the industry. These categories include healthcare services and equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

The People Within the Healthcare Industry

Most people know there are medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists working in the medical field, but there are also lesser known individuals who fall under the same corporate structure. The healthcare system employs a number of managers, administrators and legal professionals. People who market to healthcare facilities also fall under the umbrella used for a corporate system. In addition to the marketing people, there are also underwriters, investors and shareholders. Most privately run care facilities are funded by investors who become part of the corporate structure by providing revenue for the parent company.

Corporate Care Centers

As with all types of business, a healthcare center is only as good as the company who owns it. The corporate company is generally responsible for the management of the staff and the facility. Checking the revenue for a corporate healthcare company can be a good indication of how well the system works. Care facilities that are managed properly will have more patient retention than those that are managed poorly. Healthcare companies who invest their time and money in having their facilities well staffed with professional people, will produce higher revenues and have the ability to expand into other areas. Companies that continually receive bad reviews for the facilities they own, will not get the type of investor funding needed to expand. Marketing is a key strategy in creating a successful corporate structure.

A Fast Growing Company

Nobilis Health Corp. is one of the fastest growing companies in the healthcare field. In 2014 the company acquired First Nobilis Hospital, which made it a strong leader in the corporate field. The company also owns several care facilities in Dallas, TX and Scottsdale, AZ. Their dedication to efficient management has allowed them to continue to move forward with great financial reviews and positive patient retention. Nobilis Health utilizes marketing strategies for patient recruitment, patient lead management, physician marketing and point-of-care marketing. The company takes a forward stand for future development projects that will continue to place it at the top of its field.