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Tycoon Real Estate is in the Beginning Stages

A handful of five real estate firms have come together recently to announce the obtaining of the asset Typhoon Real Estate, a California-based business. The group plans to manage and modernize the organization. Tycoon gained some fame after its CEO was on Shark Tank not too long ago.

The purchase of this Tycoon Real Estate investment is the first ever asset obtained by a group of companies known as Homeowner preservation, Patch of Land, Peer Realty, CrowdFranchise, and EquityRoots. They did not given out any financial related information about the deal. The only thing we know it that the transaction was made in all cash.

The large free awareness relating to Tycoon from Shark Tank was great. While they didn’t get the best deal from Shark Tank, they are looking to move forward and prove the doubters wrong. They are looking to set people straight on the ACT and SEC regulations relating to crowdfunds of hundreds of millions of dollars in the real estate sector. The obtaining of Tycoon real estate is planning on being used to transform into an unique educational experience for all. The education would be used to prove why the sharks were wrong about the industry.

The new SEC approval effective as of October 30th sets new standards for allowing crowdfunding to non-accredited investors. The CEO has stated that they are excited to be working with other platforms sharing the same vision and goals. It is a great way to be involved positively in the community.

Tycoon Real Estate is in the beginning stages of business in the crowdfunding market. They have offered both local residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities. The company has gained more worldwide attention through the Shark Tank which is exactly what they wanted to happen. While the Shark’s failed to grasp the potential around the market, McDaniel still believes in the vision. Five years after the Shark Tank visit, five crowdfunding firms are looking to fully grasp Tycoon.

The crowdfunding platform allows communities to invest in and manage worldwide franchises they think would be successful. Initially growing brands and start-ups would benefit from the community motto.

Majeed Ekbal is a well known marketing genius with lots of valuable connections and vast experience in the industry. He currently has over fifteen years of experience in the field. He specializes in direct marketing, partnerships, budget management, branding, and digital marketing. He is responsible for all aspects of digital and social media marketing. His expertise results form SEO analytical measurements, digital marketing, brand awareness, and business development.

Majeed Ekbal worked as a VP Business Dev for one year is Chicago responsible for managing client relationships and business development. Then he went on to being a consultant for Draftfcb and now works as a humanitarian. Ekbal works on special products related to help create better international education trends for women and men.

Finance Professional Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is an executive who is the head of Trucept, Inc, a company that was previously known by the name of Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc. He works as Trucept’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), chairman, president and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He’s currently based in San Diego, California.

Although Trucept, Inc. is a major focus for Bonar, it’s not his sole place of employment. He also works for Dalrada Financial Corp. as its Chief Executive Officer and chairman.

At Trucept, Inc., Bonar specializes in services and products that are related to insurance. He also specializes in temporary staffing matters. The professional’s role at Dalrada Financial Corp. is to oversee the company’s management practices. He also is responsible for sales techniques.

Before Bonar worked for Trucept Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp. he had positions at illustrious companies such as Allegiant Professional Business Services, AMS Outsourcing, Itec Imaging Technologies, Bezier Systems, the Rastek Corporation and Adaptec, among various others.

When Bonar was employed at Allegiant Professional Business Services, he was the head of marketing and sales. He was the company president between the years of 2008 and 2010. When he worked at Itec Imaging Technologies as the sales and marketing vice president, his duties centered around keeping up with contacts for East Asian printing companies, specifically those from both South Korea and Japan. He worked at Itec Imaging Technologies from the fall of 1995 to the fall of 1999.

As far as education goes, Bonar is an alumnus of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. He earned his undergraduate degree there. He also earned MBA (Master of Business Administration) and doctorate degrees from a respected Stoke-on-Trent institution known as Staffordshire University. One of Bonar’s early jobs was a position at IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) U.K. Ltd. that started in the spring of 1969 and ended in 1985. He worked as a procurement manager for the large corporation. Bonar was in charge of motherboard outsourcing for certain varieties of computers.

Bonar has a number of strong talents and areas of expertise. These include sourcing, finance, private equities, lead generation, entrepreneurship, recruiting, venture capital, sales, mergers, acquisitions, marketing techniques, process improvement, restructuring, IPO (initial public offering), business development, employee relations, small businesses, competitive assessments, contract negotiation, consulting and strategic partnerships.

Bonar has been acknowledged for the fine work he’s provided throughout the course of his lengthy career. In 2000, he was named on the “Who’s Who” list of very important persons from all around the globe.

When Bonar isn’t busy offering his skills and knowledge to Trucept, Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp., he likes to spend time with his family. He also greatly enjoys participating in outdoor recreational activities such as golfing and boating.

A Famous Art Collector, Adam Sender

Art is the creation that bestows a distinct design or image formed by any object. Paints, pencils, chalk, metal, wood, and food are a few items used to create works of art.

An artist used carvings of fruit, which is how the company “Edible Arrangements” formed. The unique creation to design fruit like flower baskets became a popular gift for loved ones.

Those that collect art for enjoyment or business are referred to as art collectors. They look for eye-catching, unique pieces that give a “wow” moment. The key is to have a uniqueness making the art different.

One design in particular that stands out from the rest is the painting from Ed Ruscha titled “Let’s Be Realistic”. This distinct, “wow” moment, a 3D painting, is of a person facing towards a canvas painting a picture. This amazing, unique painting was part of Adam Sender’s art show called the “Sender Collection”.

Adam Sender is a famous art collector that had contemporary art collections created by various painters throughout the world. People still talk about his collections today. Adam had the eye for art that stood out from all the rest, hence, his art collection made him famous.

Art lovers from all walks of life yearn to see or own many masterpieces crafted by an artist unique touch. Adam’s collection of contemporary art consisted of these in various styles from various artist in their paintings. For over two decades Adam’s collection of paintings of contemporary artists made him worth millions in 2014.

Adams collection had reached its popularity in March of 2014, making his collections worth $70 Million. The value of collecting art for fun turned him into a millionaire.

Art collectors can embark their way into millions, if they have that eye for the “wow” moment, have fun and stay persistent.

Sergio Cortes Brings Michael Jackson To Life In Live Performances in Italy

Michael Jackson was a singular, beloved entertainer, whose numerous albums, unforgettable shows, and love for the dramatic made him the “King of Pop,” both in the United States and worldwide. From a child in the Jackson 5 to his own skyrocket of a career, Jackson was known for his interesting vocalizations, moving songs, and dazzling dance moves during his live shows.

So it was a loss to the music world when Jackson passed away in the summer of 2009, right as he was set to embark on a comeback world tour. Hundreds of thousands mourned the late entertainer, and no one has managed to take his place as the rightful king of music. There remains to this day a hole in the music industry where the legend that was Michael Jackson once stood.

But now, it seems, that the legend has come alive once again in the form of the world’s greatest Michael Jackson impersonator, Sergio Cortes. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, and currently residing in Brasil, Cortes has been impersonating Jackson for decades, only coming to prominence after the musician’s death.

In 2012, Cortes began performing live and on the web to the delight of Michael Jackson fans, who were blown away with the physical resemblance the two men share. Indeed, Cortes has been studying Jackson since he was a child, mirroring the famed dancer and singer so closely that it is difficult for even those who knew Jackson to tell them apart when looking at them on a screen.

For 44 year-old Cortes, it is a dream come true to imitate, with great success, Michael Jackson. As fans grew aware of his performances, Cortes took to social media and video sharing sites to allow his fans better access to his performances. He is especially loved in Central and South America, where the adoration for Cortes nearly equals the adoration for Jackson, and he consistently performs tribute shows in and around the continent.

Now, for the first time ever, Sergio Cortes and his band will perform “Human Nature Live,” a tribute show featuring Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, live for one in December in Padova, Italy, giving his European fans a chance to watch him in action up close. Another show date has been added to the calendar, indicating that Cortes and his crew will recapture the magic of Michael Jackson one more time in early January in Milano, Italy.

Those who know and love Michael Jackson’s work are thrilled with Cortes, who has taken his imitation of Jackson to new heights, perfectly mimicking his voice, his moves, and now, the brilliance of his live shows. And as Jackson was particularly fond of his imitators, it would suffice to say he would be proud of Cortes and his work.

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Susan McGalla Is An Inspiration For Women Everywhere

Susan McGalla is a business executive who has worked in many different areas of the retail world, and she has ascended to some of the highest positions in the industry during her career. Susan currently works as a consultant and speaker, but she began as a woman on a mission who worked hard for the praise she was given. Susan’s story is something that all women must take to heart when they begin to climb the corporate ladder.

#1: Susan Outshines Her Colleagues

Susan McGalla’s early career is a story of a woman who was willing to work harder than her male colleagues wherever she went. She was fortunate enough to be noticed by her superiors, and she was promoted quickly. Her promotions allowed her an opportunity to move to American Eagle Outfitters where she distinguished herself in the executive offices. Susan is not a brash and loud woman who breaks the rules to get her way. Susan is the woman who shared her ideas like any other member of the team on, and those ideas were welcomed by the people she worked with.

#2: She Consults Today

Susan McGalla on wikinvest left corporate America to begin consulting after she left American Eagle a success. The company increased its revenues several times over during her tenure there, and she uses her success at American Eagle to teach other companies to make similar changes. Susan is one of the first business executives who suggested a chain open another brand to support a section of their customer base, and Susan pushed for the aerie brand at American Eagle in this manner.

#3: Susan Speaks To Young Women

Susan speaks with young women around American about their aspirations to work in the business world, and she advises women to be themselves in the office. All women can find value in their own careers when they make their ideas known, and Susan advocates for women to simply make their presence valuable until they are recognized for their excellence. This is a unique formula in corporate America, and Susan uses that formula to coach women to success in every sector of corporate America.

#4: What Is Susan McGalla’s Impact?

Susan McGalla’s impact on corporate America begins in the retail world. The creation of the Aerie brand alone makes Susan a titan in the business world, and her work building up the AE brand shows that a woman can lead a company without sitting in the CEO’s chair. Susan was willing to make her ideas known in the office, and she made positive changes from the chair she was given. This unique approach allows women to have balance in their lives, and any woman following Susan’s lead will be able to retire to her family when she likes.

The story of Susan McGalla tells young women around America that it is possible to make a difference in large corporations. Susan turned a relatively low executive position into one of the biggest success stories in the history of the youth retail market.

Sergio Cortes Is The Perfect Imitator Of Michael Jackson

Traveling back to the year 2009 will not only spark the memory of the first U.S. president in history who was a man of color, but 2009 is also the year that the world lost the best recording artist ever to live on the face of the earth. Not only was Michael Jackson an amazing recording artist, but he also was a writer, a producer, a singer, and the best dancer ever to grace a stage. Michael had some dance moves that made many want to learn how to dance, and Michael even made up dance moves that are specifically his own.

Sergio Cortes is one of the millions of fans that Michael Jackson had, but what makes Sergio different is the fact that he looks similar to Michael Jackson. Michael had a look that he stuck with for many years around the time when his “Bad” album came out, and that particular look is what Sergio Cortes embodies today. Michael was well known for the Jerry Curl hairstyle in the past, but he eventually put his hair in loose curls and got a perm in his hair. Michael used to have one single bang in the front of his hair, and this was always known as one of his signature styles.

Although Michael changed his looks over the years, Sergio Cortes continues to imitate and look of Michael Jackson from the 90s. Many always felt that Michael’s 90s looks were the best, even though this is based solely on opinion. Sergio chose to start imitating Michael when he was a teenager, and he kept the same 90s Michael Jackson look over the years. If one was to look at a picture of Sergio and Michael Jackson, it would be very difficult to tell the two apart. A side-by-side comparison of Sergio and Michael Jackson may leave one very dizzy and wondering which one is really Michael.

The similarities between Sergio and Michael don’t just stop at looks, but Sergio can dance just like Michael Jackson used to dance. Many people say that Michael Jackson was the best dancer, but Sergio certainly takes first place when he dances like Michael Jackson. Sergio also has an amazing singing voice that mimics Michael’s perfectly, and he knows all of Michael’s songs as well. With someone who is putting so much dedication into looking and behaving like Michael Jackson, it’s no surprise that many love Sergio because he is an amazing impersonator of Michael Jackson.

Contributions to the World of Art: Art Collectors

It is hard to imagine what I would do with a lot of money. Some people choose to collect cars. Some choose to travel extensively. Some even choose to use their money to make yet more money. Many people with wealth, however, choose to invest in art. This is a great investment for many reasons. For a person with a talent to see art or the potential in art, it can be a monetary investment with an excellent return. Art collectors also help to commission new works from artists. Many famous pieces of art would not be around today if they had not been commissioned by a collector. Art collectors also help put food on an artist’s table so that they can continue to make art.

For hedge fund manager Adam Sender, the choice to invest in art was obvious. In addition to being the founder of Exis Capital Management, Adam Sender owns one of the largest modern art collections in the world. And boy is it something.

Sender began collecting contemporary art in 1998. With the help of art advisor Todd Levin, Sender has managed to collect more than 800 works by at least 130 different artists. His collections consist of work by contemporary master minds such as Mike Kelley, Elizabeth Peyton, Dan Flavin, and Charles Ray among many.

Part of Sender’s talent, however, comes not from owning expensive art. Rather, Adam Sender has an eye for artists on the brink of something. Many works that he chose to purchase were from artists that were not all that well known at the time but have grown in popularity since. Many of the works he has collected were purchased for dollar amounts in the thousands and are now worth millions.

Sender has also been known for his appreciation of many women contemporary artists, and his collection reflects this. In a time when women artists are still generally commissioned for lower amounts of money than their male counterparts, Sender shows the error of this by taking many prominent contemporary female artists and presenting along side others for a cohesive look at the evolution of contemporary art throughout the last couple of decades.

For many of us, the ability to pick an expensive passion and run with it may be something that we never have the opportunity to indulge in. For many like Adam Sender, art has become an outlet for his creativity and passion. Art collectors like Adam Sender give unique commissioned pieces of art that may not otherwise exist. Additionally, they help artists to be able to continue to create great art. In this way, we can all enjoy art because of the work of art collectors like Adam Sender.

QNet Expands Manufacturing in India to Great Success

QNet has come to India and this is outstanding news.

QNet is definitely a company that is poised to become a very big player in the world of e-commerce. The company provides many outstanding lifestyle and wellness products that appeal to scores of customers. Whether you are interested in fashion accessories or nutritional supplements, QNet has the ability to deliver them. Are you someone who wishes to sell these products? The multi-level marketing program offered by QNet does create a host of great opportunities.

For those wondering just how serious QNet is about its future growth, simply looking at the new manufacturing beachhead the Malaysian company has founded in India. QNet wishes to greatly expand its manufacturing and India has been chosen as the prime location for increased production. QNet was mainly producing many of its top watches in India. The production line has now expanded to include the energy drink Nutriplus. Over time, more and more products are going to be made in India as more and more manufacturing shifts to this location.

The selection of India as the prime location for producing various products was hardly based on a random decision. The costs of doing business in India are very low and the skill level of the average worker is very high. This is why India’s economy is doing so strong. QNet is not alone in choosing India for its production chores. More and more manufacturing jobs are moving here from all parts of the globe.

In terms of actual dollars and cents, it is strongly believed QNet will save anywhere from 8% to 12% on manufacturing costs. Even more impressive are the revenue growth projections. QNet management has noted revenue generated from the Indian offices have from a full 100% over the past year and the growth rate appears to be increasing. No indications exist that the growth rate is close to slowing down.

These incredible numbers could very positively impact QNet’s future. The combination of increased revenues and reduced operating costs means more money for the research and development of new products and boosted marketing for current wares. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate member, any indications of reduced operating costs combined with increased revenue should be considered major positives.

Those in the manufacturing industry in India definitely feel the company’s numbers are good ones. At VCon 2013, QNet’s five-day convention, a tremendous number of representatives from Indian companies were in attendance. Obviously, India’s “movers and shakers” are working hard to import more QNet manufacturing work into their country.

Look for QNet’s presence in India to continue to grow and do well in the coming years.


The BMG bank is one of the pioneer credit institutions in the Brazilian financial markets. The bank prides itself in the vast networks of customers and partners it has over a period of eight decades. BMG also has massive presence in international capital markets where they raise investment capital.
The last decade has seen an organizational culture change at BMG. Extensive market research and formulation of sustainable strategy have been put in place. The bank has taken steps to improve customer relations, and its branding power has grown. In return, the bank’s customer base has increased. The management cites the influence of the bank on the expanding credit access ratios in Brazil.
The acute administration of the bank over the past ten years stems from a desire to keep the bank at the core of Brazil’s financial markets. Indeed, Brazil’s economy is growing more steadily than ever. Inflation is uncommon in the country while the population continues experiencing better standards of life. Investors have been eyeing Brazil’s productive sectors. For BMG, the future must provide big business.

The marketing strategies at BMG have given the firm massive sales and publicity. The banks retail outlets numbering over 3,000 countrywide helps the bank extend its services. The bank contracts over 50,000 agents to improve its retail networks . The bank also applies new technologies and innovations in the banking sector keeping it updated on current trends. As a result, BMG stays ahead of the competition.
This publicity is also promoted by various social and sporting engagements that BMG sponsors. These sponsorships are just a small part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility practice. The bank shares a common value for cultural heritage with the Brazilian society.
They, therefore, promote cultural festivals. Sporting engagements such as soccer and volleyball are favorite past times for the Brazilian population. BMG sponsors such sports through various league teams in several tiers of the game. By so doing, the bank positions itself on a suitable platform for interaction with youths.
The visionary man behind the BMG revolution is Ricardo Guimaraes. He serves as the bank’s president and CEO. He started out at junior positions at BMG in the 1980’s and rose up the ranks. Mr.Guimaraes’ management skills have endeared him to the public, clients and partners. His galvanizing presence has given the bank’s operations some great traction. Today, BMG controls a significant share of the Brazilian financial markets.

Why Sergio Cortes Is Considered The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

They say everyone has a doppelganger. Well then, Michael Jackson’s doppelganger could be Sergio Cortes. Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator that looks, moves, and dances so much like Michael Jackson, people can’t tell them apart. It has been that way all of Sergio Cortes’ life.

As a pre-teen in Barcelona, Spain, people would come from all over to see Sergio Cortes dance and take pictures of his face because he looked so much like Michael Jackson. Bunches of newspaper and magazine articles were written about him by the time he was a teen. When images and video of Cortes mimicking Michael made their way online, Cortes became an international star.

That was 30 years ago. Today Cortes is in his 40s and is in even more demand than ever. The passing of Michael Jackson has left a void in many people’s lives, but seeing Sergio Cortes impersonating Michael helps to fill that void. And Cortes is glad to do it. Michael Jackson was his childhood idol and through a trick of nature the two look identical. Cortes feels like it’s a sacred duty to bring pleasure to as many people as possible with his impersonations of the king of pop. So he travels all over the world doing just that.

Cortes recently started a European tour that began in Italy and will take him through some of Europe’s best known cities. It’s a large production with dancers, back-up singers, and an amazing light show. The response from the fans has been tremendous. There are some of the same screaming fans that attended Michael Jackson’s concerts. Cortes is greeted warmly, and after a few minutes, the music and the moves take over and the fans get caught up in the experience. For a few hours they get to enjoy the magic of Michael Jackson once more.

For Sergio Cortes it’s an exhilarating experience. He, too, is swept up by the music and the moment as he does the movements he’s been doing his entire life. What makes people call Sergio Cortes the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever is not just their shared looks and his flawless mimicking of Michael’s moves. It’s also the way Cortes has mastered Michael’s mannerisms. The complete production draws fans into the show and the spirit of Michael Jackson seems to permeate the atmosphere. To many people seeing Sergio Cortes impersonate Michael Jackson is an unforgettable experience.

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