Bruce Levenson Is a Skilled Businessman

One of the owners of the Atlanta Hawks is named Bruce Levenson. How he came to possess such great wealth and power is a very interesting tale. It was a long journey that had its beginnings in Maryland. The child of very demanding Jewish parents, Bruce knew that it would be difficult to please them. Although that was not the determining factor in why he made some of his biggest career decisions, Bruce has admitted that his parents’ opinion of him would often pop into his mind.

Bruce liked school from a very early age. When his friends wanted to play outside, Bruce would be reading the encyclopedia. This dedication to studying and hard work would serve Bruce very well later in his life when he was fully immersed in the business world. He would travel to St. Louis to attend Washington University for his undergrad studies. He loved his time at this school. The beautiful campus was the ideal learning environment. Graduating with a degree from such a prestigious private school gave Bruce many options in terms of the law schools he would be able to get into. He applied to a wide variety of law schools across the country. He decided on the law school located at American University.

Following law school, Bruce was not exactly sure how to use his law degree to get ahead. There were many career options for him to choose from. However, he was nervous about committing to something that would not hold his attention. Ed Peskowitz was a buddy of Bruce. They put their heads together and came up with an idea that made both of them very rich. They started to print a newsletter in Bruce’s apartment. It would list all of the most vital information going on in the oil industry. This was 1977, so reliable information was very hard to come by. This new venture by Levenson was dubbed United Communications Group (UCG). Thanks to the huge success of their first newsletter, they began publishing many other newsletters in a wide variety of industries. These were all equally as successful as their initial offering. Before too long, Levenson and Peskowitz were both very wealthy men.

His newfound wealth did not make Bruce any less ambitious. He was always on the lookout for new and exciting business opportunities. He was excited to hear that the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks would soon be on the market. After gathering all the wealthy people he knew into one room, Bruce gave his pitch about what a great investment buying the Hawks would be. He soon started to get many contributions from these people. When he determined he had enough money to make a serious bid on the Hawks, he made the offer official. Bruce’s team of investors eventually became the owners of the Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team. They would decide to sell the Thrashers because their portfolio was becoming a bit overloaded. After only a few years of ownership, Bruce and his investors made a nice profit on the Thrashers.