QNet Expands Manufacturing in India to Great Success

QNet has come to India and this is outstanding news.

QNet is definitely a company that is poised to become a very big player in the world of e-commerce. The company provides many outstanding lifestyle and wellness products that appeal to scores of customers. Whether you are interested in fashion accessories or nutritional supplements, QNet has the ability to deliver them. Are you someone who wishes to sell these products? The multi-level marketing program offered by QNet does create a host of great opportunities.

For those wondering just how serious QNet is about its future growth, simply looking at the new manufacturing beachhead the Malaysian company has founded in India. QNet wishes to greatly expand its manufacturing and India has been chosen as the prime location for increased production. QNet was mainly producing many of its top watches in India. The production line has now expanded to include the energy drink Nutriplus. Over time, more and more products are going to be made in India as more and more manufacturing shifts to this location.

The selection of India as the prime location for producing various products was hardly based on a random decision. The costs of doing business in India are very low and the skill level of the average worker is very high. This is why India’s economy is doing so strong. QNet is not alone in choosing India for its production chores. More and more manufacturing jobs are moving here from all parts of the globe.

In terms of actual dollars and cents, it is strongly believed QNet will save anywhere from 8% to 12% on manufacturing costs. Even more impressive are the revenue growth projections. QNet management has noted revenue generated from the Indian offices have from a full 100% over the past year and the growth rate appears to be increasing. No indications exist that the growth rate is close to slowing down.

These incredible numbers could very positively impact QNet’s future. The combination of increased revenues and reduced operating costs means more money for the research and development of new products and boosted marketing for current wares. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate member, any indications of reduced operating costs combined with increased revenue should be considered major positives.

Those in the manufacturing industry in India definitely feel the company’s numbers are good ones. At VCon 2013, QNet’s five-day convention, a tremendous number of representatives from Indian companies were in attendance. Obviously, India’s “movers and shakers” are working hard to import more QNet manufacturing work into their country.

Look for QNet’s presence in India to continue to grow and do well in the coming years.