Sergio Cortes Is The Perfect Imitator Of Michael Jackson

Traveling back to the year 2009 will not only spark the memory of the first U.S. president in history who was a man of color, but 2009 is also the year that the world lost the best recording artist ever to live on the face of the earth. Not only was Michael Jackson an amazing recording artist, but he also was a writer, a producer, a singer, and the best dancer ever to grace a stage. Michael had some dance moves that made many want to learn how to dance, and Michael even made up dance moves that are specifically his own.

Sergio Cortes is one of the millions of fans that Michael Jackson had, but what makes Sergio different is the fact that he looks similar to Michael Jackson. Michael had a look that he stuck with for many years around the time when his “Bad” album came out, and that particular look is what Sergio Cortes embodies today. Michael was well known for the Jerry Curl hairstyle in the past, but he eventually put his hair in loose curls and got a perm in his hair. Michael used to have one single bang in the front of his hair, and this was always known as one of his signature styles.

Although Michael changed his looks over the years, Sergio Cortes continues to imitate and look of Michael Jackson from the 90s. Many always felt that Michael’s 90s looks were the best, even though this is based solely on opinion. Sergio chose to start imitating Michael when he was a teenager, and he kept the same 90s Michael Jackson look over the years. If one was to look at a picture of Sergio and Michael Jackson, it would be very difficult to tell the two apart. A side-by-side comparison of Sergio and Michael Jackson may leave one very dizzy and wondering which one is really Michael.

The similarities between Sergio and Michael don’t just stop at looks, but Sergio can dance just like Michael Jackson used to dance. Many people say that Michael Jackson was the best dancer, but Sergio certainly takes first place when he dances like Michael Jackson. Sergio also has an amazing singing voice that mimics Michael’s perfectly, and he knows all of Michael’s songs as well. With someone who is putting so much dedication into looking and behaving like Michael Jackson, it’s no surprise that many love Sergio because he is an amazing impersonator of Michael Jackson.