Susan McGalla Is An Inspiration For Women Everywhere

Susan McGalla is a business executive who has worked in many different areas of the retail world, and she has ascended to some of the highest positions in the industry during her career. Susan currently works as a consultant and speaker, but she began as a woman on a mission who worked hard for the praise she was given. Susan’s story is something that all women must take to heart when they begin to climb the corporate ladder.

#1: Susan Outshines Her Colleagues

Susan McGalla’s early career is a story of a woman who was willing to work harder than her male colleagues wherever she went. She was fortunate enough to be noticed by her superiors, and she was promoted quickly. Her promotions allowed her an opportunity to move to American Eagle Outfitters where she distinguished herself in the executive offices. Susan is not a brash and loud woman who breaks the rules to get her way. Susan is the woman who shared her ideas like any other member of the team on, and those ideas were welcomed by the people she worked with.

#2: She Consults Today

Susan McGalla on wikinvest left corporate America to begin consulting after she left American Eagle a success. The company increased its revenues several times over during her tenure there, and she uses her success at American Eagle to teach other companies to make similar changes. Susan is one of the first business executives who suggested a chain open another brand to support a section of their customer base, and Susan pushed for the aerie brand at American Eagle in this manner.

#3: Susan Speaks To Young Women

Susan speaks with young women around American about their aspirations to work in the business world, and she advises women to be themselves in the office. All women can find value in their own careers when they make their ideas known, and Susan advocates for women to simply make their presence valuable until they are recognized for their excellence. This is a unique formula in corporate America, and Susan uses that formula to coach women to success in every sector of corporate America.

#4: What Is Susan McGalla’s Impact?

Susan McGalla’s impact on corporate America begins in the retail world. The creation of the Aerie brand alone makes Susan a titan in the business world, and her work building up the AE brand shows that a woman can lead a company without sitting in the CEO’s chair. Susan was willing to make her ideas known in the office, and she made positive changes from the chair she was given. This unique approach allows women to have balance in their lives, and any woman following Susan’s lead will be able to retire to her family when she likes.

The story of Susan McGalla tells young women around America that it is possible to make a difference in large corporations. Susan turned a relatively low executive position into one of the biggest success stories in the history of the youth retail market.