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Football Sponsorships At Banco BMG.

Banco BMG is a leading consigned credit lender in Brazil. The bank has embarked on a unique journey to prosperity since the turn of the new century. Under the leadership of outgoing CEO Ricardo Guimaraes, the bank has reinvented its mode of business.

In the social scene, Guimaraes is a lover of sport especially football the favorite past time in Brazil. He combined his passion for football into an avenue to promote the brand of the company. Sports marketing has made BMG the prime sponsor in Brazilian football circles. Guimaraes himself serves as the president of Atletico Mineiro, one of the best clubs in the Serie A division.

BMG has a special fund set up in 2009 for the welfare of athletes and sportsmen. As a lender, it also advances loans to football teams to meet their running costs. In return, the clubs can pay off the loan or give BMG some economic rights to their stadium’s and players. BMG makes its profits from the sale of players in the future. The possibility of working with clubs in the Serie A is a worthwhile venture for BMG. The deals they put in place result in win-win situations for all parties involved. However, BMG keeps the contracts signed with players private.

Sponsorships do not come cheap. The sponsor invests lots of resources to meet the running costs of the clubs involved. The clubs, in turn, get the funds to pay their players and technical bench a well as facilitate logistics for playing every game. Though the deals take up a large chunk of resources, Ricardo asserts that the bank reaps its rewards in brand recognition and financial returns.

The financial returns result from the sale of players in which the bank has commercial rights. Guimaraes says it’s important for the bank to contribute to the development of the game and, therefore, partner with as many clubs as possible. The bank remains impartial and does not support a specific team to win the league crown. The league is widely followed, and, therefore, BMG’s brand reaches a wide audience.

Under the terms of every sponsorship deal, every sponsored club prints the logo, colors and names of BMG on the official sports kits. For instance, the official BMG Orange color theme appears prominently on several club’s kits in the league. Some of these clubs include Cruzeiro, Vasco, Fluminese and Sao Paolo.

BMG remains keen to reach new heights and is currently in the search for a business partner to share the burden with as it diversifies its products.


George Soros Didn’t Give A $33 Million Funding To #BlackLivesMatter

One of the directors of the Open Source Foundations responds to the rumor that has been pushing mainstream outlets and conspiracy theorists that George Soros is funding the movement. In the start of the Black Lives Matter that has interrupted speeches by Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders over the past month, right wing blogs, voices on the social media as well as general interest sites have all been pointing to the conspiracy involving the billionaire George Soros and an amount clearly stated $33 million. The American philosopher Thomas Lifson wrote that the Soros founded the #blacklivesmatter movement that is will be a significant problem for the democrats.

Some of the rumors are going viral in social media as far as making an appearance in the FoxNews rating power house in July. The question is, Who is funding the movement? One of the big investors is pointed out to be George Soros, who donates large amounts of dollars to groups that are directing businesses with the movement. Soros is also goving money directly to the prominent entertainers Jay-Z and beyonce as reported by host Bill O’Rilley. O’Rilley’s guest at that time was Kelly Riddell. Kelly wrote an investigative report that said Soros has been funding left wing organizations.

Kelly also says that the group of #BlacklivesMatter was a movement that was initiated and run by the three women working at Soros open Source Foundation. He said that Soros is funding thousands of dollars every year to this organization and a specific amount to the #BlackLivesMatter he has donated #33 million dollars. O’Rilley also says in his report that the Republican national convention in Cleveland was the particular target.

The billionaire has not given any amount of money to the three ladies activists involved in the campaign on Twitter. Ken Zimmerman, one of the directors of open Source foundation that it is wrong and he cannot speculate where one leads to rumors. He goes as far as saying that he doesn’t know how someone can begin constructing such rumors from. This information can be found on the Daily Beast

George Soros is the chairperson and founder of the open source foundation in the United States. He has a high inspired commitment to a free society where no one has a monopoly on the truth, a regime that is directly responsible to the people and a regime that respects the rights of the ordinary people. This makes the foundation one of the biggest philanthropic efforts in history.

Soros began his efforts in 1979 and gave scholarships to South Africans under the Apartheid organization. In the 1980s, Soros helped in the undermining of communism by issuing Xerox copy machines to copy banned texts as well as supporting cultural exchanges in the West. This information cn be found in Open Source Foundations.

At 33, Urbana Finds Success in Business and the Arts

The world of business and sports has been the home of Jon Urbana for many years, but in recent times the Head of Business for Ellipse USA has also become known for his varied interests in other areas.

Within the arts, Urbana has become known as both a vidoeographer and musician, but has also pushed the boundaries of his education by extending his career to become amongst the top pilots in the world. Jon Urbana has mastered a wide range of often unexpected fields during his lifetime.

Music is one area of life that has only recently become a major aspect of the career of Jon Urbana. Already an accomplished guitar player, Urbana has looked to extend his abilities by using the limited technology available to him to become an expert in electronic music. The work of Jon Urbana takes in his own original recordings and a number of remixes of songs that have been uploaded to various social media accounts and music sharing sites.

Jon Urbana has also looked to the arts for another outlet for his creativity, which is his own use of photography to show off some of the many skills he has developed. Urbana’s personal blog includes a range of images created by him using digital camera techniques that reflect his own interests in nature, travel, and food. The wide range of images Jon Urbana has created extend his reach as a creative person across many fields to make him a highly thought of photographer.

Aside from his sidelines as a creative person, Jon Urbana also uses his more traditional skills to add to his successes as a businessperson. Next Level Lacrosse is a major part of the business and personal life of Jon Urbana, which is a program and business for potential lacrosse standouts to aid their future careers with high quality coaching methods and experience.

Getting Affordable London Vacation Rentals With LondonEscape

Whether it’s the culture, educational opportunities, or the small hotspots that make London so beautiful, there is no doubt that this is one of these most beautiful places in the world. Going to London however, can be a bit expensive if you are looking for a top notch hotel that can let you stay for multiple weeks. Staying there for week’s at a time is what I did during my trip, and it was worth it in the long run because of LondonEscape who helped me out on finding a vacation rental that I could actually afford for a long period of immune.

Getting Affordable London Vacation Rentals With LondonEscape

LondonEscape is an online platform that connects you to the best rental places in London. There are so many wonderful places to live in London right now that can be perfect for you to stay during your trip, and you’ll definitely just love the beauty of multiple places to stay, but the hardest part is finding an affordable location. LondonEscape is just your source for some of the best vacation rentals in the area in some of the best parts of London. You don’t need to stay in some swanky hotel room that’s beyond expensive. All you have to do is use this site to look for some very affordable rooms in the areas you want to live in. There are so many hotspots and attractions where you’ll end up actually staying at an apartment complex right next to those locations. This is the power of LondonEscape.

LondonEscape gave me the amazing opportunity to save some big cash during my trip to London because I stayed in a location for more than several weeks, and the day rate was so affordable for me. It definitely made a difference. I don’t know if there are other sites like LondonEscape specifically, but this is the best thing to use online. All the booking involved can be done right in your own home online using LondonEscape. They have a great support staff who is always so helpful and can provide you the best accommodations in London.

The Career and Accomplishments of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a New York City resident and attorney plus capitalist, as his LinkedIn shows. He received a bachelors of arts with honors from the prestigious university of Oxford as well as Colombia University. Tabar was a valued editor of Columbia Business Law Review. In 2001 just after graduating from college, he became an associate of Skaden and Arps. Three years later he was promoted to managing director and co-leader of SPARX. In 2010 he went on to work as Leading Financial Manager for Bank of America Merril Lynch.

He is an expert in hedge funds and gives out great advice relating to investing. He invested in the startup company that helps women in Africa. He is also completely fluent in three languages including Japanese and French.

The company he invested in, THINKX, works to make fashionable underwear for women in Africa to help with menstruation. The underwear comes with disinfectant clothes to protect those that would normally have to stay home during this period. There are a total of five different models.

This business didn’t strike Tabar’s attention at first. He didn’t really want to take his time to consider this. The women who started it simply thought that he found out through some random mutual connection. Though after careful consideration, Tabar decided to read more into this startup business model. He became intrigued after seeing the success on kick starter and through various crowd financing platforms.

The startup company first appeared on kick starter trying to raise funds. Tabar feels that the company encourages people to not just think about themselves and focus more on global issues. Encouraging more to give back. What could feel better than helping out someone that is desperately in need across the world. The product is making a big difference to those women that can’t manage their menstruation cycles. The underwear product can also women to keep on with their lives when the cycle arrives. Now we works hard to support this business after seeing what it truly does.

Tabar has a career full of knowledge that proves he really understands the investment market from all his previous years experience with SPARX and capital strategies used in Merill. His top five skills come from management, strategy, mergers, and legal research. Basically anything that has to deal with finances or legal environments he could thrive in. His subtopics that he knows information about is corporate law, legal writings, and commercial litigation. During his free time he likes to host events and travel the world. Make sure to follow Sam on Twitter if you would like to keep up on his career.

Ensuring A Clear Forecast For CipherCloud

Stemming from San Jose, California, CipherCloud is a successful company whose goal is providing complete protection for cloud information. While embracing several cloud services, they additionally offer control, safety and compliance in every way. This provides total peace of mind for users. The main stage for this company offers inclusive cloud application detection, valuation of hazard and risks, protection of important data by using potent encryption, ability to distinguish malware and complete monitoring.

Originating back in 2010 by Pravin Kothari, the company began its journey in 2011 by solely focusing with The following year a Gmail encryption was released, providing needed answers. In the fall of 2012, was also successfully encrypted by CipherCloud. Very shortly Connect AnyApp was initiated, a process that lets users indicate certain needed fields on various Web pages allow encryption, while operations would be well-maintained, as well as data formats.

In 2014 CipherCloud came into the nice amount of $50M, due to Series B funding to be sure the cloud security company is adequate and well preserved. This act was directed by Transamerica Ventures, backed by Delta Partners, as well as T-Ventures and the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom helping out to ensure CipherCloud’s market share and net profit. The $50M may have also been initiated since much stress still exists when it comes to the cloud and security, so obviously a business whose goal is to ensure security will be enticing.

As if CipherCloud does not have enough on their agenda, they also offer Box, and Office with out of box protection making sure they have complete data protection backed with grueling encryption, plus services regarding prevention of data loss which tends to be a frequent worry regarding cloud. As highly sensitive data is transferred, individuals want to be sure that their data is safe and in the event it would become lost, they want to know how it will be recovered.

It is not surprising that CipherCloud has been bestowed with many accolades and recognition. Company founder Pravin Kothari was named CEO of the year in 2014 by Info Security Global Excellence. SC Magazine awarded CipherCloud with the Best Emerging Technology in Information Security in addition to Information Security Product in 2013. With all of these honors, plus the Series B funding amount, Cipher Cloud is now focused on hiring additional employees and intend to enlarge their marketing and sales markets.

Yeonmi Park’s Tale: Striving for Freedom

Yeonmi Park‘s book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom has been one of the most anticipated memoirs of the year, and it’s no wonder why. Park’s story on The Guardian resonates on many levels, as she has endured several atrocities relating to human rights situations that currently plague our world.

After escaping North Korea with her mother—in hopes of finding a better life in China—both Yeonmi and her mother were sold into human trafficking. Then, following an astonishing turn of events, Yeonmi was eventually able to reunite her entire family, but not for long. Once her father had joined Yeonmi and her mother in China, he soon became very ill. By this point, he had spent a good deal of time in a North Korean prison camp, so he had not had access to good healthcare.

Unfortunately, Mr. Park’s situation deteriorated and he died of colon cancer. Once again, the Park women were forced to fend for themselves. This time, their situation had again become desperate and they knew they had to leave China in search of a better life. But where would they go? Yeonmi’s book chronicles all of her journeys with her family—from North Korea and beyond. Her autobiography is a testament to the human spirit, as anyone who has seen her speak will know. Her powerful accounts of her experiences as a young woman in North Korea—and a refugee in China—remind our world that we still have so much work to do when it comes to the issue of human rights.

If anyone has been working consistently to remind us of the plight of refugees, it is Ms. Park on Her life story has served as a virtual front seat to some of the most pressing issues confronting our world right now. When she was a small child, Park was subjected to the rule of North Korea, and she was taught that Westerners were evil and that the Kim dynasty of rulers was somehow divine. In fact, she even speaks of believing that Kim Jong-Il, also known as “Dear Leader,” could actually read her mind.

Park’s father’s incarceration would alter the lives of his family forever, however. Once he was sent off to a prison camp for selling metals to the Chinese, then suddenly all bets were off. The Park women were ostracized from their community, as their father had disgraced them in the eyes of their peers. They struggled to find enough food to survive, and eventually things became so bad that the women were starving. It was time to escape the tyranny. However, it would take much longer to escape tyranny than they could have ever dreamed.