At 33, Urbana Finds Success in Business and the Arts

The world of business and sports has been the home of Jon Urbana for many years, but in recent times the Head of Business for Ellipse USA has also become known for his varied interests in other areas.

Within the arts, Urbana has become known as both a vidoeographer and musician, but has also pushed the boundaries of his education by extending his career to become amongst the top pilots in the world. Jon Urbana has mastered a wide range of often unexpected fields during his lifetime.

Music is one area of life that has only recently become a major aspect of the career of Jon Urbana. Already an accomplished guitar player, Urbana has looked to extend his abilities by using the limited technology available to him to become an expert in electronic music. The work of Jon Urbana takes in his own original recordings and a number of remixes of songs that have been uploaded to various social media accounts and music sharing sites.

Jon Urbana has also looked to the arts for another outlet for his creativity, which is his own use of photography to show off some of the many skills he has developed. Urbana’s personal blog includes a range of images created by him using digital camera techniques that reflect his own interests in nature, travel, and food. The wide range of images Jon Urbana has created extend his reach as a creative person across many fields to make him a highly thought of photographer.

Aside from his sidelines as a creative person, Jon Urbana also uses his more traditional skills to add to his successes as a businessperson. Next Level Lacrosse is a major part of the business and personal life of Jon Urbana, which is a program and business for potential lacrosse standouts to aid their future careers with high quality coaching methods and experience.