Invest In Precious Metals Through US Money Reserve

The global economy can fluctuate significantly, and the mounting US debt has made many investors turn to alternative forms of investment instead of stocks and bonds. Precious metals, which are guaranteed to hold their value even in times of economic collapse are becoming more and more popular among investors and wealth mangers. Currencies can decrease in value, while precious metals such as gold and silver hold their values, and often surge when paper money drops in value, giving investors handsome returns.

US Money Reserve is a leading distributor of gold and silver coins and other precious metals. Based in the capital city of Austin, Texas, US Money Reserve has fulfilled the demands of hundreds of thousands of clients, ranging from the individual investor to the institutional investor working for an investment firm. The company sells both US mint certified coins, that are guaranteed in purity and value by the US mint and gold and silver bullion. The bullion distributed by US Money Reserve is among the purest and highest quality available on the market today.

US Money Reserve treats its client, be it an individual investor looking to invest in gold or silver for the first time or a wealth management expert that is looking to expand his holdings of precious metals for their clients with the utmost care and respect. Free information booklets and consultations over the phone are provided to prospective investors with no obligation and no sales pressure. Unlike other companies that pressure their clients to purchase gold and silver, US Money Reserve gives you the info and means to purchase but does not try to push you to buy. The company has the highest rating available from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients.

In addition to selling US mint approved gold and silver coins, US Money Reserve sells platinum coins and bullion. This highly expensive and rare precious metal is an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio. Shipping of the gold, silver and precious metals is free and its value and purity is guaranteed. This is yet another distinction of US Money Reserve. The company is also actively involved in the Austin, Texas by being a member of the city of Austin’s chamber of commerce.

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