Alexei Beltyukov’s Vision is Helping to Make the World a Better Place

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian philanthropist and entrepreneur. He earned a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD, a school offering graduate degrees in business in 1997. At the time he attended the school it was located in France and Mr. Beltyukov spent a year learning to speak French before he could attend the school. The school maintains campuses in Middle East, Asia and Europe. Since 2009, Alexei has been the school’s Entrepreneur in residence.

LinkedIn shows that he has put his education and expertise to good use and has put together several companies such as SOLVY, Endemic Capital, New-Gas Technologies and A-Ventures. His companies assist Russian companies to get started or offer financial assistance to companies that find themselves struggling. He helped to put together the Russian Alumni INSEAD Scholarship. The scholarship provides financial support for students accepted to the business programs at the school.

Mr. Beltyukov works with the government of Russia and provides guidance and support through the Skolkova Foundation, of which he is Vice President. The foundation provides grants and opportunity for Russian Technology start-ups and entrepreneurs wanting to expand opportunities throughout Russia.

In early 2015, Mr. Beltyukov was announced as the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of SOLVY. An educational online system, SOLVY is an online program designed to help high school students with their studies. The program tracks the student’s progress as they work their way through the system, as well as allows teacher’s to follow their student’s academic progress and step in if extra instruction is necessary. Mr. Beltyukov is a strong supporter of education and the feedback for his product has been most promising. In fact his program has been named one of the most promising startups to focus on education.

Mr. Beltyukov has said on Twitter that his overall goal is to match decisions makers and entrepreneurs with the right funding mechanism. He is provides a great deal of business savvy when it comes to social media marketing. He realizes that social media has changed the face of business. He recognized social media as the lynch pin for marketing and advertising long before most business managers. It is an important aspect of building a recognizable brand and not the passing fad some thought it to be. has an even more in depth bio for more information on Alexei.