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Sergio Cortes Doesn’t Stop Until Fans Get Enough

There are a ton of people that are interested in seeing a Michael Jackson impersonator. This opens up a lot of room for entertainers like Sergio Cortes. He is considered to be the best, but there are still a lot of people that have not discovered his magic on the stage yet. That is why Cortes is taking his tribute shows on the road. Fans are excited and the buzz about this is quite impressive.

The website noticias.r7 reports that Sergio Cortes is among the best in the industry when it comes to bringing the MJ legacy to the stage. His ability to entertain people as a Michael Jackson impersonator is actually two-fold. This reaches the old and new crowd. People that grew up on MJ will want to see Sergio perform, but the infatuation will not stop there. A young generation of fans that have never seen Jackson perform live will also take to this type of tribute show. That gives Sergio Cortes a big fan base. It is one of the best things about impersonating someone of this magnitude. He has songs that people know, and the music is timeless so new generations continue to pick this up.

Sergio Cortes has been seen on talk shows, and he knows that he is doing something that is a privilege. There are fans around the world that see the striking resemblance to Michael Jackson and they are amazed by Sergio even when he is not on the stage. That is what makes him one to watch. He has proven that he is the rightful torchbearer in this area of impersonating entertainers.

Many people have not taken the time to perfect their performance, but Sergio Cortes is different. He is a real professional that has managed to build a career as a full time impersonator. That is almost unheard of in this type of industry, but Cortes is doing it and succeeding at this. He has the costumes that shows that he has put a lot of time into these performances. He also has the moves that shows that he practiced for many hours with backup dancers.

The look and feel of an MJ show certainly comes through with these tribute shows. It is a wonderful thing for people that are excited about the catalog that Jackson left behind. Sergio does his best to run through all the favorites. Cortes will even deviate from the script sometimes and do some lesser known songs. This is all part of his love for MJ and his music. He has performed songs like “Ghost” for Halloween tribute shows along with the monster hit “Thriller.” Sergio Cortes gives his all to entertain MJ fans.

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George Soros Shares His Views On Vladimir Putin

Project Syndicate recently shared an article by George Soros explaining his views on Vladimir Putin’s insertion into the Syrian refugee crisis. George does not believe that Putin is an ally of the west in fighting ISIS, and he is quite vociferous in his views on this matter. The article is quite expansive, and this short review covers George’s opinions on Putin.
#1: George Does Not Trust Putin

Vladimir Putin is viewed by many as a shrewd politician, but Putin is not see as a proper tactician. Putin’s insertion into Syria is seen as a terrible mistake that Russia cannot undo. Fighting in Syria is a very serious issue that has forced nearly a million people from their homes. Putin did not consider how intense the migrant crisis would be, and George believes that Putin is not willing to accept the responsibility for helping refugees.

#2: Russia Has Not Been Helpful In Quite Some Time

George views Vladimir Putin as someone who makes moves that are well-conceived. Putin is someone who does not think past his initial ideas, and George wishes that Putin thought over his decision to fight in Syria. It is possible that many refugees could have stayed at home, and a coordinated effort that involved allies in the west could have been more effective.

#3: George Wants To See Better World Leadership

No nation can force another nation to take proper steps in world politics, but George believes that leaders in the west must ensure that Russia does not make further trouble. Leaders in the west have a moral duty in George’s eyes to the refugees who are leaving Syria. George contributes to campaigns in America to bring about better leadership, and he calls for world leaders to ensure that Russia is no longer interfering.

#4: Russia Will Continue To Do The Wrong Thing

George does not believe that Russia is an ally against ISIS because Russia will never think ahead. Russia has invaded Crimea to suit its own fancy, and Russia will continue to fight in countries where it kept soldiers for quite a long time. Russia has been interfering in many countries in the middle east, and George is no longer prepared to take Russia at their word. Russia must be put on a leash to prevent their poor decisions, and he hopes that a leader in the west can make an ally of Russia in the future.

The migrant crisis in Europe is a terrible strain on the finances of the continent, but the migrants who are fleeing Syria can be helped is Russia stops its blundering ways. George believes that Russia cannot help fight ISIS, and he wants to see Russia stay out of the problem before it becomes worse.

Two Many Catastrophes at Once

Andy Wirth is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC in Olympic Valley, California and a man who happens to be very knowledgeable when it comes to all types of resorts. Due to his deep passion for resorts, the drought that hit the North Shore communities severely effected Andy himself, along with his resort, Squaw Valley Ski. Not only was Andy presented with the disaster that was caused by drought, but he was also burdened with the political catastrophe that was crashing down on him at that same exact moment.

Wirth put all of his effort into opposing the political incorporation because if he hadn’t than it would have resulted in the business’s and residents paying higher taxes than what they already had been paying for the previous years. Not only that, it would have decreased specific services such as plowing and road maintenance. Without these services, residents could possibly be at risk for car accidents and having no route for ambulances to come through if an emergency occurs. Luckily for Andy Wirth, the incorporation was withdrawn. This was a large load taken off Andy’s back so he could focus on other important problems such as the drought.

The great thing about Squaw Valley Ski and the surrounding community is that everyone works together and makes decisions as a family. This is extremely important in situations such as this. When the community cannot work together as one, that is when other disasters start to occur because everyone is to busy disagreeing to focus on what is really going on. Andy Wirth is one of those individuals that can bring people together and get everyone to work as one. He is also well-known for his professional attitude which keeps everyone focused and in line during emergency situations and even monthly meetings at the resort.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Philip Diehl on Investing in Gold in this US Money Reserve Podcast

Philip Diehl is one of the most experienced individuals in the precious metals industry. Currently he is the president of US Money Reserve, and prior to this he served as the director of the US Mint. He has been nothing short of successful in both of these roles. While at the Mint, Diehl took an average operation and made it excellent, expanding distribution to all seven continents. One of the integral parts to his success was his focus on customer service. While at the US Mint he raised customer service to such a high that it was being compared with the best of the best among private companies.

Philip Diehl recently gave an interview on the ePodcast Network. After his introduction to the bullion world at the US Mint, Diehl made the transition to being president of US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve is currently the largest distributor of United States government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. Diehl has chosen to run this new company much the same as he did the US Mint. He constantly reminds his staff that customer service is key, and that they must not sway from this commitment. This value is so far ingrained in his staff that even the back office is known for providing superior service. In fact, US Money Reserve is known industry-wide for providing the best return policy on their products.

Diehl takes pride in the fact that his team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction with their products. He also relishes that customers can feel confident in what they are getting because the bullion coins distributed by US Money Reserve are backed by the United States government, the world’s number one economy. This means the weight and purity of each coin is guaranteed. This is not always the case with other, less scrupulous distributors. Recently, there has been a rash of gold rounds caught coming from overseas distributors that turned out to be counterfeit.

According to prnewswire, Diehl removes this uncertainty for his customers and allows them to feel safe and secure with their investment. This is a key factor for those investing in precious metals because gold is seen as a long-term investment by most. It is meant to safe-guard one’s money against any political strife or monetary collapses that may occur. People invest in gold as a way to help preserve their wealth against any level of catastrophe.

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The Big Business of Dog Foods

Dog foods have never had so much focus placed upon them. In the most recent ten years, consumers have become more educated about animal rights and activism, thanks to social media. While this has been a great thing for the welfare of animals around the world, it has also created a niche for high end pet foods who play on the emotions of pet owners.

Leading consumers to believe that their dog simply will not survive without roasted duck or flax seed, these companies have engaged in a bit of anthropomorphism. Your dog is not a human and doesn’t view food as a human does. Nor do dogs need to eat foods full of the things that would not be found in their natural diet, should they live in the wild.

The fact is that there are many good foods out there, which are not considered ‘high end,’ which is truly the equivalent of over-priced. You shouldn’t feel that if you cannot afford a $50 bag of dog food that you are doing anything wrong. Your dog can have his or her nutritional needs met with foods that are readily available at your local grocery stores. Foods such as Beneful, from Purinastore, will meet your pet’s nutritional needs and also tastes so good that you’ll never worry about whether or not that they are enjoying their meals.

In fact, Beneful comes in several different varieties so that young pups and senior citizens are all getting what they need from the food that they are eating. You can choose from dry and wet formulas and a variety of flavors. You’ll never worry about whether your pet is enjoying the food because the empty bowl is evidence that they are. You can certain that they are being supplemented properly as evidenced by their skin, coat and nails. Don’t feel that you need to take a mortgage for proper pet nutrition.