George Soros Shares His Views On Vladimir Putin

Project Syndicate recently shared an article by George Soros explaining his views on Vladimir Putin’s insertion into the Syrian refugee crisis. George does not believe that Putin is an ally of the west in fighting ISIS, and he is quite vociferous in his views on this matter. The article is quite expansive, and this short review covers George’s opinions on Putin.
#1: George Does Not Trust Putin

Vladimir Putin is viewed by many as a shrewd politician, but Putin is not see as a proper tactician. Putin’s insertion into Syria is seen as a terrible mistake that Russia cannot undo. Fighting in Syria is a very serious issue that has forced nearly a million people from their homes. Putin did not consider how intense the migrant crisis would be, and George believes that Putin is not willing to accept the responsibility for helping refugees.

#2: Russia Has Not Been Helpful In Quite Some Time

George views Vladimir Putin as someone who makes moves that are well-conceived. Putin is someone who does not think past his initial ideas, and George wishes that Putin thought over his decision to fight in Syria. It is possible that many refugees could have stayed at home, and a coordinated effort that involved allies in the west could have been more effective.

#3: George Wants To See Better World Leadership

No nation can force another nation to take proper steps in world politics, but George believes that leaders in the west must ensure that Russia does not make further trouble. Leaders in the west have a moral duty in George’s eyes to the refugees who are leaving Syria. George contributes to campaigns in America to bring about better leadership, and he calls for world leaders to ensure that Russia is no longer interfering.

#4: Russia Will Continue To Do The Wrong Thing

George does not believe that Russia is an ally against ISIS because Russia will never think ahead. Russia has invaded Crimea to suit its own fancy, and Russia will continue to fight in countries where it kept soldiers for quite a long time. Russia has been interfering in many countries in the middle east, and George is no longer prepared to take Russia at their word. Russia must be put on a leash to prevent their poor decisions, and he hopes that a leader in the west can make an ally of Russia in the future.

The migrant crisis in Europe is a terrible strain on the finances of the continent, but the migrants who are fleeing Syria can be helped is Russia stops its blundering ways. George believes that Russia cannot help fight ISIS, and he wants to see Russia stay out of the problem before it becomes worse.