Lime Crime: Cosmetics In A Rainbow Of Color

Lime Crime is a unique make-up line created by Doe Deere, and popularized by Tumblr users. Born in Russia and raised in New York City, Doe Deere was looking for makeup loud enough to use in her rock & roll act. When she wasn’t able to find the make-up she needed in any store or online, she decided she would make her own. She set about making handmade cosmetics from vegan ingredients. None of her make-up is tested on animals. When her acquaintances saw her make-up, they were blown away. After much talking to, they convinced Doe Deere to offer the make-up to them as well as the general public. It was the best move she ever made.

Lime Crime cosmetics was a success right from the start. Doe Deere liked the color lime green, so she created the website to market her make-up. Almost instantly she had buyers for her products as fast as she could make them. Today Lime Crime has been embraced by a growing audience worldwide. People of all ages and sexes seeking a way to express themselves with make-up have seen Lime Crime cosmetics as a godsend. No longer do they have to sublimate the colorful being inside. Lime Crime gives them the make-up in a rainbow of incredibly bright and bold colors they need to express themselves.

For far too long millions of people have been forced to fight against their desire to express themselves in brilliantly colored make-up. Lime Crime is on the leading edge of a cosmetics revolution that refuses to be held in check by outdated ideas about make-up. Lime Crime is the perfect product at the perfect time for millions of people worldwide. To them the brightly colored lipstick, eye-shadow, blush, nail polish, rouge and other products are perfect for them when they want to make an unforgettable statement with their make-up.

If you’re bold enough to be beautiful on your own terms, then Lime Crime cosmetics might be right for you. Their velvetines, unicorn lipstick, Venus: The Grunge Palette eye-shadow, liquid lines, and more lets you wrap yourself in a rainbow of color.  Find the Wicked brand of Lime Crime lipsticks on Amazon.