QNETs Positive Thoughts Project Provides Clean Water For Disabled Children

Clean drinking water is essential for life on earth. Sadly, the poorest people and people that are infirmed often have to struggle to get access to clean water. People living in underdeveloped countries are many times forced to make do with water that is dirty and unsafe. And children are usually the ones that are affected most. But QNET, the company known for affordable, high-quality products, is doing something about it. They’ve created a program called the Positive Thoughts Project. Through this program QNET is helping to provide clean water for children with learning disabilities.

QNET will give a free HomePure RED water filtration system to two educational institutions that take care of children that have problems learning. And its easy for the public to help. As part of the Positive Thoughts Project, QNET will donate the water filtration systems if people leave 500 or more positive posts on the company’s FaceBook page during a two week period. People simply have to visit the FaceBook page and leave a positive thought as part of their post. QNET will then provide the Rashid Centre and the Taarana School with top of the line water filtration systems to ensure the educationally challenged children with which they work will have clean, safe water to drink.

The Positive Thoughts Project lasts for a month. If 500 positive thoughts are posted to the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page in the first two weeks, the Taarana School will receive a 7-stage HomePure RED water filtration system. In the subsequent two weeks if 500 more positive thoughts are left on the FaceBook page, the Rashid Centre in the UAE will receive the same water filtration system at no cost. This program is a great way for people to help provide drinking water for vulnerable children without it costing them a single cent. The project also represents yet another way QNET gives back to the communities it serves.

QNET is known for offering great products at excellent prices. But the company does much more than that. It also provides employment opportunities and small businesses in poverty stricken areas. This has helped improve the quality of life for countless people. Plus through its charitable arm, the RYTHM Foundation, QNET has offered many other programs to help the less fortunate. Providing safe, clean, drinking water for children with learning disabilities through the Positive Thoughts Project is just the most recent.