Talk Fusion The Global Leader In Video Marketing Solutions

Bob Reina the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion has come a long way since the companies inception in 2007. The idea for the application came through a coincidence. Bob Reina at the time was trying to do the simple task of embedding video into an email. A short clip of video he wanted to send to his friends and family. Something we take for granted now was impossible to do at the time. Bob Reina went as far as contacting his ISP at the time to find out wether this simple act was possible. They came back to him and said it was impossible to do. This idea has since evolved into the Talk Fusion application Suite.

The suite will be launching its first 30 day free trial which will allow potential customers to try the complete suite for 30 days. The suite includes a variety of applications which include video email, video chat, live meetings and video newsletter. The way the product is marketed is also very unique. The Talk Fusion business model is marketed through direct sales. The Talk Fusion company is therefore a member of the direct selling association or DSA.

Bob Reina is also very committed to giving back to the community as well as various animal charities globally. His goal is to provide positive global change through his software suite as well as through the charities and organizations they support.

The free 30 day trial will allow the customer to try out each software with complete access to both video tutorials and other resources. The free trial also gives the user access to a virtual library to help the user get the most out of the software suite. This will allow access to a new user group as many people are skeptical about a product that they have not used before. The 30 day trial will allow for no financial commitment and peace of mind to the user. Talk Fusion, since its inception is now represented in over 150 countries around the world.