How Did I Start Using Securus To Call My Friends?

I have some friends from a past life who are in jail, but I still want to check on them. I cannot drive to all these different jails, and I am not going to keep making regular calls because they just do not work very well. That’s when I started researching and found a feature by PR Newswire about Securus. I wanted to have a way to see all these people, and now I can make video calls with the help of the app. I just press a button in the app, and then I am on a video call when I want it.

The best thing that I ever did was make an account at Securus, and I have been trying to see how many people I can check in with on the app. I have been able to set up calls with a lot of my old friends, and I have been able to use the app to have long conversations where I can see what these friends are up to. They can tell me what is going on, and they can learn what they can do when they get out. I have made some plans with them, and I am trying to be helpful. They are an A+ accredited business by the BBB, that’s why I trust them so much.

I am very happy with the Securus app, and I am going to keep using it for as long as I can. I feel much better about using this app because I know that it can help me get in touch with people that I want to help. I have told other people who have family and friends in jail, and I am still telling them about it because I think it is just such an important piece of what is going on in the prison industry. We need to be helping people as much as we can.

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