Who is This Danilo Diaz Granados?

Danilo Diaz Granados seems to be the talk of the universe these days especially in Miami, Florida. In July Danilo had hosted an event that had featured many splendid things mainly for the men. At this event there was fine cuisine, helicopter rides, sunset boat rides. Who is this man? Well let me tell you, this man is someone who feels that since all the ladies have all these places to go to and can hang out he had opened up a shop for the men to go to that love fancy things like cars. Danilo Diaz Granados is the co-founder and CEO of TOYS for BOYS. This is a store for men to go, and be amazed by beauty of cars, jewelry, contemporary art, and watches. He is a man who is on a mission in life and has known he was destined to make a difference ever since he had attended College in Massachusetts.

In the showroom of TOY for BOYS Danilo has very exotic cars, all different types of art, top name brand watches and styles and each of these in the showroom are offered with prices that the men can afford. The men who go to his events and showroom are those with very expensive taste and whom have a lot of money to spend. Danilo is the type of man who can make dreams come true and throw some very unforgettable parties for his kind of people and guests. At the end of the night of his events it is all worth what this man does because he becomes the talk of the century of the riches, the man who has it all and the man who likes to show those that if you truly work hard you can make your own dreams become a reality. He has very happy customers and people who think very highly of him to this day. Danilo’s mission in life has become a success and beyond anything he thought would be possible. He has a big heart and is what they say a big kid at heart with expensive taste.  Check out Danilo’s journey through his Instagram profile, and read more about his career on LinkedIn.