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Lime Crime Releases New Lipstick Colors

Lime Crime, a popular cosmetic company in the United States, has released a new set of Velvetine lipstick colors. Over the years, the company has been offering a wide variety of products ranging from lipsticks to eyebrows.

The company, which is also known for its trendy shades, introduced three new colors in the Velvetine line. The new colors include Pumpkin, Cement and Trouble. According to the Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, the colors will transform the appearance of users while at the same time enhancing their originality. The Trouble color is a blend of olive green carefully manufactured to bring out a cool outlook. Pumpkin is suitable for those who adore red lips. Cement is grey in color, which makes it a perfect choice for those who want to tune up their looks while staying true to their radical roots.

The new set of Velvetines has come just at the time when people are looking forward to Halloween. This means that they are likely to play a major role in costume design and changes in appearance for Halloween.

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is one of the most popular beauty companies in the United States started in 2008 by Doe Deere. The company came into life, when Doe decided to make her own lipsticks and eyebrows that could match her clothes. One year later, the company launched the Unicorn Lipsticks, a collection that featured bright and radical colors. The company offers cruelty-free and vegan products. These products have neither been tested, nor do they contain any animal product.

By 2012, Lime Crime had already created a brand for itself and a strong market presence. The company supplies lipsticks and eyebrows to several beauticians spread across the country. Its brand of lipsticks include Velvetines, Perles and Unicorn. The Velvetines include Happi, Vibe, Lana, Mercury, Blondie, Rustic, Saddle and many others. The Perlees consist of Asphalt, Denim, Gemma, Mirage and many more. They also sell several eyebrows. They eyebrows are also divided into three distinct categories. They include Superfoils, Venus Palettes and Liquid Liner. One can purchase these products from the company’s online store or through a trusted dealer.

My Wen by Chaz Hair Care Experience

I often wonder how my life would be if I’d been blessed with lovely, light, shiny and easy to manage hair. I wasn’t blessed with that, though, so I always assumed I’d just have to deal with having what I do have, which is a head of very oily, lank, fine hair. I know there are worse things in life to deal with, but it has been frustrating, to be sure. I’d given up on my hair situation until I heard about the Wen hair by Chaz Dean product line. These all-natural hair products have been getting good results with some people, so I thought I’d make one last try at having good hair.
Chaz Dean developed these shampoo and conditioning products after his salon clients asked for natural products that could really clean hair. I tried the Sweet Almond Mint scent and it smelled fantastic. Wen hair products are sold on Guthy-Renker and Sephora online.

I used about a palmful of product every day, and within a few days of washing, my hair looked and felt much better. I was amazed! I was receiving compliments and I felt like a new me. I love how my hair feels and smells, and I’m going to continue with Wen by Chaz. I even wrote about the experience on

Thanks for the new hair, Wen by Chaz!! For more info, visit Wen hair on Facebook.
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Catch Up With The Lovaganza Announcement That Has Stirred Discussions And Celebration

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Most of the events organized and run by the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise are directed at promoting cultures and enhancing acceptance among communities across the world. Through tours and motion pictures, Lovaganza has enhanced reach among communities and their continued support for humanitarian action through the Foundation is proof they are after making the world a better place to live in.

Reminiscent of the Cinerama and the World’s Fairs of past years, and inspired by the present, past and future of countries across the world, the 2020 Lovaganza celebrations will be felt across the world and preparations are underway. The celebrations will be held simultaneously in 8 flagship locations and will take place between May and September 2020.

Initial plans and later developments
The initial plan that would drive the global celebrations had picked 2015 as the best time to have the celebrations but this was revised later when the dynamics surrounding the concept were looked into. The program on LinkedIn is meant to offer a high-quality experience that will have a far-reaching effect to the world and enhance the beauty of cultural diversity.

Most of the preparations that were done for the slated 2015 celebrations proved it would be challenging to achieve a maximum effect and help to reach more parts of the world. The management team also reviewed the technology applied and found out it would be more appealing if they included modern technology hence the delay until 2020.

Scheduled Traveling Show
It is necessary to bring to the attention of the world about the program and how Lovaganza intends to process everything. Many people are yet to know about the celebrations and their essence, so the Traveling Show will play the part of marketing and ensuring the program is understood by the world before the slated celebrations are held.

Major motion pictures will be used during this period to showcase the kind of events that will be aired during the 2020 celebrations. The trilogy is in the initial stages of airing in different parts of the world and it will form part of the 2017 Traveling Show.

About Lovaganza
Lovaganza is a renowned entertainment franchise that is also running a program that is helping the world to achieve total alleviation of poverty and problems that are ailing people for generations. The company has prepared the 2020 celebrations to help share the diversity and uniqueness found on earth and how different communities can benefit from each other.

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