Magnises, a Way to Get That Event Going and Experiences to Last a Lifetime

By just flashing your Magnises black card, you get access to some of the exclusive events and deals on the East coast. New York and Washington DC, being on the top of the list. Talk about discounts at restaurants, bars, clubs or reserve experiences such as private concerts and luxurious getaways.

Magnises was founded by Bill McFarland in August 2013.The Magnises card was officially launched on March 1, 2014. The company is aimed at building a millennials platform with new businesses, online and offline.

Every Magnises card is the key to membership. Magnises metal card with personalized grants lets you access members-only services, benefits, and endless experiences. For one to be a member, online application has to be done then await the approval of the Magnises team. The annual fee is at $250.

On gaining membership, you gain access to the sold out concerts, travel around and so many other offers around the city.

With the perks as its main draws, the black card can be allied with credit or debit cards. It is tied to credit cards and debits cards according to Bill’s words.

The club’s membership continues to be on the rise with current figures standing at 12000 members. Mostly Magnises is made up of young working professionals of ages 21 to 35 years. These professionals are most notably from finance, fashion, and Tech. industries.

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The business startup relocated recently from West Village townhouse to Penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington on the Lower East side. The main reason being to provide enough accommodation for the ever growing membership.

This does not just stop here, a bunch of new benefits is in store for members.

For just $99 a month, New York-based Magnises members can now access the co-working facilities at an alley. This new feature is named Work pass. The aim is to improve members’ lives both professionally and socially.

Another feature on the list is Club Pass. Members have to part with just $65 a month for guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York.

The third feature being added by Magnises is what the business is calling the Hotel Pass, with this, members can stay at the Dream Hotel’s New York locations for $79. This is a great subsidy because rooms at The Dream Hotel usually start at $245.

The response by various parties who have experienced life the Magnises way tells it all. Members are ready to go and have fun because of the one in kind lifetime experiences they had on board this program.

Social media updates and showcase of the various places to visit by Magnises tells it all of how this is the best way to achieve your fun goal of spending a night out with loved ones in one of the most exclusive hotels. Or have you imagined that special view from Magnises travel up in the sky? What about the comfy of the seats?

People are looking forward every day to that special day when the get to be having the time of their lives. Magnises provides a way out for you to live life and live it in abundance.

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