Lime Crime and Their Extremely Creative Instagram Posts


How many of your makeup companies out there have their own Instagram accounts? How many post to them nearly everyday? Can you name one company who stays on top of Instagram like Lime Crime does? If not, you are using the wrong company. You want a company who is not afraid to showcase their individuality and that allows for others to see what people are using. With their Instagram account, you get to see products offered, what people are wearing and color swatches that showcase what it looks like when applied to the actual skin. Not many companies can say that they do this while on Instagram, but as @limecrimemakeup shows, their social media is just that.


In the recent months, more people are taking notice to the Lime Crime company due to the cover of Galore magazine. Recently a A-lister has been used on the cover of the magazine and when you find out who it was, you are going to be shocked. Paris Hilton. She was currently on the cover of the magazine wearing the Diamond Crushers line of lipstick. She is seen wearing a very expensive diamond necklace with a fur wrapped gently across her shoulders. She looks very posed and elegant. Sure, you can have cover girl models like Queen Latifah or you can have an individual who is not afraid to say what she thinks and parties like a rockstar. If you look up to someone like this, why not purchase the makeup she wears as well.


Do you work hard to pay for everything that you own? Do you want to have makeup that is not simply purchased in the local stores? Do you want makeup that someone uses everyday or do you want something that you can wear that pops from others? Do you want to use makeup that stars like Paris Hilton uses? If so, choose one of the Diamond Crushers lines or even the velvetines colors that are available. If you want to purchase smaller sizes, the small gift boxes are great for just trying them out. Give it a try and I guarantee you won’t go back to your everyday store bought colors again.  Browse new Lime Crime styles on Pinterest, or you can also see what’s new on