The International Journal of Environmental Impacts Is Now Available from The Wessex Institute of Technology

It may be strange that a small office located in a national park in Souther England has such a huge influence in the scientific world. The Wessex Institute of Technology is the main institute of research and publishing in Europe.

The Wessex Institute works with a large number of affiliate schools to provide research funding and guidance. The also host conferences, publish scientific papers and publish really cool journals.

The journals of the Wessex Institute are published through the WIT Press. The journals may be accessed through the internet or purchased in physical form. Thousands of published research documents are also available through the WIT Press.

The newest journal that will be reaching shelves is the International Journal of Environmental Impacts. This journal will be published starting in 2018. The contents of the journal are about how humans have had a detrimental impact on the Earth. It also discusses means to save our environment.