How Don Ressler has strived to ensure the Success of his Businesses

Don Ressler is an expert in branding and digital marketing. He has teamed up with Adam Goldenberg in founding top brands in the fashion industry such as Fabletics and TechStyle. The partnership of the two entrepreneurs has been successful since they have managed to establish successful startups. They are dedicated to making their businesses profitable and are co-CEOs of TechStyle. TechStyle was formerly known as a JustFab. It was created to sell personalized fashion products to women through its online platform. The company has currently grown on, and it has many brick and mortar stores in various cities across the United States. JustFab developed the idea of offering subscription services to clients. In the first year, the company had more than 3 million members on its online platform. TechStyle and Fabletics are currently recognized among the leading online distributors of fashion products.

Don Ressler and Goldenberg were both independent entrepreneurs before they started working together. Don Ressler started venturing into business activities while he was still young. His first e-commerce enterprise was known as The firm was successful, and it was bought by Intermix Media. Goldenberg was the youngest COO that had ever served Intermix Media. Adam and Don met at Intermix Media, and they shared ideas on how to establish successful enterprises on They formed Alena Media as a spinoff of Intermix Media. The firm earned millions of dollars, and at some point, it was the primary source of revenue for its mother company. The two businessmen left Intermix Media after its ownership was transferred to the News Corporation.

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The branding and marketing skills of the two businessmen enabled them to establish another business. They founded Intelligent Beauty, which used YouTube in offering brand incubation services to various corporations. The company also ran two subsidiaries that are currently known as DERMSTORE and SENSA. The e-commerce enterprises have focused on beauty and fitness, and they have both made millions of dollars for Intelligent Beauty. JustFab was also established as one of the subsidiaries of Intelligent Beauty. The company grew over the years and founded successful branches such as Fabletics and FabKids.

JustFab has secured more than $250 million in funding since it was established. This has enabled it to expand its business online and in its brick and mortar stores. Its principal investors have been Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Rho Ventures. The firm changed its name to TechStyle, and it recognized as a top brand in the fashion business.

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