Airline Industry Embraces The Internet Of Things As Futurist Jason Hope Cheers On

Has there been a time in history where technology was more on the forefront of our minds than today? Jason Hope, a world renowned futurist and tech entrepreneur, is laying claim to something quite bold: the Internet of Things is going to change our lives. The Internet of Things, if you don’t know, is essentially a term for how the internet will interface directly with our day to day lives. Imagine your kitchen operating from your phone or your public transport being constantly updated and corrected via satellite. Or, as Hope points out, imagine how the airline industry is operating.

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Safety is paramount when it comes to traveling by plane and that is due in large part to the Internet of Things. Airplanes today are interfaced with the internet. Every part of a plane’s construction is connected in some way to a database that monitors for safety. Consider that FLYING is the safest form of travel on the planet. That’s pretty wild, right? This is exactly what Hope is getting at when he touts the Internet of Things as the future. This kind of efficiency, safety, and life improvement is soon to take over the entire tech world.

Jason Hope has made a career out of identifying trends and getting on board before the rest of the industry catches up. His work at the SENS Foundation has taken renewed importance and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it take a heavy lean toward the Internet of Things. The future is bright for the tech world.

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