GrupoTelevisa’s Executive Vice President

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has been the Executive Vice President of GrupoTelevisa, S. A. B. for solid 17 years and two months now. A born on January, 17th 1962, the serving Director leads the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world. He did his LLB from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Board membership

Alfanso de Angoitia since April 1997 he has been on the board of Televisa. The company announces Mr. Angoitia the chair of the finance committee on 20th April 2009. The declaration came as he was still an independent member of the Board of Directors in the Group Modelo SAB de CV. As well, he served as a board member of Pepsi Bottling Group, Mexico(PBG), Bolsa Mexican de Valores, and Sky and Expresas Cablevision. He worked as alternative board members to the Board of Directors.


Mr. Alfonso Noriega worked hard to grow to his current position of being an executive position of Vice President to the GrupoTelevisa. He built his career over time. Noriega became the chief financial officer in between 1999 through 2003. Before joining the GrupoTelevisa, Alfonso worked with White & Case LLB in the New York City. Among the leading law firms in Mexico; Mijares, Angoitia and Cortes Fuentes, Mr. Noriega is among the founder partners. He worked as a personal Attorney to Emilio Azcarraga. During his time as a personal Attorney, working with his boss he restructured the financial and legal operation control.

Mr. Alfonso being very instrumental, he is considered as the financial mastermind to Televisa and a close ally to Emilio Azcarraga. Alfonso merged Univision and Televisa closing a deal of $1.2 billion within a month. This deal helped Televisa in getting access to her long desired United States, Hispanic Market.

The regular annual attendee to the Allen & Company Sun Valley Media Summit Idaho, Alfanso does his contributions to a privately owned company that features issues like politics, culture heavyweights, business and philanthropy deeds.

In conclusion, Mr. Noriega has given back to the society, he still does.