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The PAC Aiming To Get The Constitution Amended For The First Time In Decades

In 2010, a bill was passed into law, allowing Super PACs to fund the campaigns of their chosen candidates. While the law was passed with the best intentions at the heart of the Americans, it has created a loophole which has made it possible for dirty money to find its way into the local politics. The result of this will be politicians who have been funded by cartels, and consequently, the needs of the citizens will come second to those of the money lenders. One group that was very deeply involved in the last elections, the End Citizens United, has come out to condemn this bill strongly.

The End Citizens United is a political activism group which supports the Democratic Party and all their policies. They started their operations about two years ago. When they started out, their primary goal was to raise enough money to support a few Democrats in their campaigns. The PAC managed to surpass their fundraising goals by far. Even though their dream to see Hillary Clinton in office did not come right, they are keeping the fire burning by fighting for the reforms which will improve the country.

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For instance, they have managed to collect more than quarter of a million signatures for their Supreme Court petition. They have allied with the ready for Hillary Movement. They hope that this movement will give them more signatures because they have more than four million members. The group has allowed End Citizens United to use their email list to reach these members. The CEO of End Citizens claims that they have already managed to surpass the goals they had in getting financing to push the bill. She expressed amazement at the fact that more than 70 percent of the people contributing to the course were first-time donors. She believes that these are people who believe the group is doing the right thing and are trying to do what they can to help effect change.

Some critics have claimed that getting an amendment to the Constitution is an uphill task. They are even quoting statistics, which show that the Constitution has not been amended for close to three decades. However, the group feels that there is more to the process than just getting the amendment. They are for instance glad that they are getting enough media attention, and that citizens realize that there are issues with some of the laws. The CEO states that the first step towards achieving change in the society is ensuring that people understand that something is wrong. The moment that people know there is a need for change, they will be willing to be ambassadors of the same.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is The Hero Of Bradesco

Considering that Trabuco leads one of the biggest banks in the country, you are sure that he has an iron will and is a tome of knowledge within the finance industry. He has been working with banking since a very young age, so he knows what it takes to create one of the biggest banks in the world. Since becoming CEO of Bradesco, the company has held steady in its ranks for many years.

Bradesco has been operational since the 1940s, in which it started as a small town bank outside of Sao Paulo. The company had mostly been lead by the founder Amador, but it has had 2 CEOs since his death. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the most recent CEO since the previous leader had to retire due to age restrictions.

It was not so easy for Trabuco to take over operations of the company. Doom was looming around the corner since rival companies were starting to merge. They have even lost their reputation as the largest company in Brazil since two other large banks merged to create a monster. This had caused panic within the company from the start, which is why they had to make Trabuco the new CEO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has spent most of his adult career working within banking. Since the age of 18, he had worked for a branch of Bradesco in a lowly clerk position. While he worked full time, he also studied at his local University. What makes him so unique is that he studied sociology instead of finance like his peers. This may be the secret to why he has a unique insight into the banking world instead of just thinking about numbers and marginal gains.


When Luiz was invited to the executive club in the 1980s, he was assigned to be the marketing director. This was when he would really show the company what he was made out of. He had taken a very aggressive marketing stance, even though Amador had preferred to keep the company quiet in the public’s eye. Luiz had made close contacts with media agencies and frequently released PR campaigns that would boost the popularity of the company. This is one of the factors that made the company become the largest bank in Brazil for the longest time. This decision also is what made him a candidate to become the successor of Amador after his death.

The markets in Brazil has also been in a decline for the past decade. This is not at the fault of Bradesco necessarily, but rather the market has been declining due to poor government policies, inflation, and uncertainty amongst foreign investors. Bradesco is still making a profit within their lending services, but profits are not quite the same as before. This is one of the greatest challenges that Trabuco must tackle during his administration.

Overall, Luiz is a different type of CEO. Instead of living the high life like most other high-earning executives, he prefers to be in the company of his family on the weekend. He is soft spoken, analytical and a very kind person during his business negotiations.

Bradesco has over 5,000 branches around the country, so it is hard for the average Brazilian not to know about the company. They also have cash machines in just about every supermarket, convenience store and pharmacy around the country. They also offer a wide variety of financial services that includes lending, internet banking, mortgages and more. They also offer a private pension plan that serves as an extension to the government’s public retirement plan.

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Streamlined Growth for Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Inc. has been growing substantially in popularity and business over the past two or three years. The company started out in the industry of security solutions, but it has expanded its operation into the industry of inmate communications.


The considerable growth of Securus Technologies Inc. is due to a vast number of factors such as the impeccable performance in its main line of work. Securus Technologies Inc. is working with many of the Ameican correctional facilities such as prisons and jails. Securus Technologies Inc. supplies them with security solutions such as CCTV cameras and other surveillance and security technologies. The company is also a developer and provider of leading security software. The company extended their services to families with large homes a few years ago which has also contributed a lot to the success it has today.


The second industry that Securus Technologies Inc. is working in is the industry of inmate communication. The business is somewhat unsaturated compared to other sectors. Securus Technologies Inc. is currently holding one of the top places in the business. The company provides all of the basic communication needs such as video chats and phone calls. Securus Technologies Inc. also provides technology and gadgets for inmates, payment solutions, and much more.


The company of Securus Technologies Inc. is striving towards growth, and recently it reached yet another milestone in its journey. The chief executive officer of the establishment Mr. Richard ”Rick” A. Smith proudly announced the success of Securus Technologies Inc. last year. Mr. Rick Smith has been at the head of the company Securus Technologies Inc. for a handful of years now. The business has offices in a few location, but the main building is headquartered in the Texan capital of Dallas. The company is expected to grow further over the next couple of years.