Greg Secker Successes in the Knowledge to Action

As a father, Greg Secker is a master of the trade, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an eloquent international speaker. He was born in the year 1975. He is the founder of the Knowledge to Action group that includes several companies in it. The first company under the Knowledge to Action include: Learn to Trade which has its offices in London, Sydney6, Johannesburg and Manila and deals in global education in trading. Smart Charts Software is the other company that is within the Knowledge to Action and dealing in the provision of latest trading technology. The third is the Capital Index in it that deals with city brokerage firm. FX Capital that is a manager of Forex Investment is Company that also form part of the Knowledge to Action. The final company making part of the Knowledge to action is the non-profit making is the Greg Secker Foundation that provides support to improve the lives of the people around the globe. Greg Secker is portrayed by these companies as a passionate person in coaching, educating, coaching and supporting.

Greg Secker began from a little position in the Thomas Cooking Financial services. Afterwards, he shifted to the brand new Virtual Trading Desk, a company dealing in foreign exchange. The VTD became the first to offer real-time Forex trading platform. Customers can access huge foreign transaction quotes. From that point, he advanced in his business that later on, he shifted to Mellon Financial Corporation as the vice president. Mellon Financial Corporation was then a 500 investment bank. In this position, he encountered with the top traders in the world. He travels a lot around the international trading floors, gathering and discovering new strategies. Greg Secker grew his trading account ext5ensively and finally left the Bank to put up his trading floor. For a very short period, he launched the Learn to Trade. Learn to trade has been growing over the years into South Africa, London, Philippines and Australia. Greg Secker is also a philanthropist. He was ranked by the Richtopia 2017 as among the top in the influential philanthropists and the social entrepreneurs who have created global awareness of important issues.