Developing Technology in Classrooms: What Teachers Really Want

In today’s world, technology plays a huge part in education. Every year more and more technology is being introduced to classrooms all over the world. However, finding quality technology-based platforms, to use in a specific classroom, can be extremely difficult. There are so many options.

When it comes to technology in schools, teachers want to see software and platforms that will create community and positive culture in their classroom. For example, ClassDoJo utilizes technology in a way that engages every student in the class as well as their parents. This communication platform allows teachers to be able to let parents know how their students are doing in class with just the push of a button. This is a great way to build confidence in students and make sure that their good and bad behavior is being acknowledged.

Teachers are also looking for technology in their classroom that is easily accessible, and easy to use. Sometimes, it seems like technology just adds more expenses and stress to a classroom. In cases like that, it almost always seems easier to shy away from it. However, when technology can be effective and successfully implemented in a classroom, it can really take off.Again, ClassDojo was really successful at being easily implemented into different classrooms. For teachers, implementation can be just about as easy as creating an account and downloading an app. It also is super kid friendly so, any student is likely to be super excited about it.

As technology continues to be on the rise in classrooms, teachers are going to be more and more strict about what resources come into their classroom. That is why it is essential for developers to really do their research and find out what teachers need and want, that will best help them to uplift, inspire and motivate their class. Luckily, as long as we have teachers and developers, there is sure to be a lot more good ideas.