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Susan McGalla representing gender diversity in business

Statistics have shown that companies with diversities on the basis of gender or ethnicity, are able to outperform those that do not. This is because of the possibility of there being a variety of ideas. Despite this, only a small percentage of C-level positions are held by women in 500 companies.

Many women struggle to reach the top level positions. Others like Susan McGalla help in leading the way for women leadership. She grew up and was raised in a family with two brothers and a dad who was a coach. She was not given any break because she was a girl. Susan McGalla had to work hard to get what she wanted. She adopted this lesson in life, and due to this, she has been successful, and she has managed to hold multiple high-level positions.

McGalla has worked hard to see herself lead in male-dominated companies. For instance, she worked for American Eagle Outfitters and initially, all the executives in the company were men. However, by the time Susan exited, the company she was the president.

She became the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and currently she is currently the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development. This is a company that is also largely male-dominated. Susan McGala was part of the innovative wear campaign to encourage fans to buy Steeler gear.

There have been many women leadership initiatives, but these do not help in breaking gender discrimination in organizations. Highly invested women should have executives for decision making, as their sponsors.

In a bid to help serious business ladies find their desirable executive position, executive sponsors can be provided with incentives. This will attract male executives who will provide the help needed. Gender diversity is good for a company. To perform, every business should strive to make changes.

Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo, The Unstoppable Duo of the Bull Sertes Rally Team

The unstoppable duo of Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo have seen many wins in rallies within Brazil. However, this team has recently reached a new level of achievements with the 25-year edition of the Sertões Rally. Competing in the Prototypes T1 and as winners of two out of the three stages, they led the category and were tagged at the top fastest racers in the event. They were also given the title of the fourth overall winners that accomplished the set targets within 11 hours 45 minutes and 23 seconds.

This year’s competition was attended by 280 participants, with both pilots and navigators coming from different all regions of the nation. A few of the participants also traveled from other countries and a total of 161 vehicles, entered the car rally category for the various stages of this event.

The team of Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo faced car troubles in the third stage that caused them to slow down and not win this stage successfully. These car issues resulted during the Marathon stage wherein the car failed to receive the needed tunings and support at the end of the day. The vehicle that was being driven was the T-Rex that faced a mechanical issue of a broken gearbox as well as rear suspension damage. The breakdown, in turn, caused the driver of the vehicle to have no option but to remove his foot from the accelerator to avoid injuries to both the car and themselves. Despite this setback, Michel Terpins and his team mate managed to achieve the fourth title in the Prototype T1. They were also awarded the tenth rank in the overall championship rally race.

While Michel Terpins was competing for the tenth time in the Bull Sertões Rally event, Maykel Justo was participating for the second time in a row. Michel terpins had debuted in the motorcycle category in the same rally in the year 2002, after which he joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins in car rallies a few years later. In the short span of four years, Michel and his team have evolved at an impressive rate while implementing navigation and piloting techniques which has made them be noticed by many people while completing the various stages at Brazilian rallies.

Developing Technology in Classrooms: What Teachers Really Want

In today’s world, technology plays a huge part in education. Every year more and more technology is being introduced to classrooms all over the world. However, finding quality technology-based platforms, to use in a specific classroom, can be extremely difficult. There are so many options.

When it comes to technology in schools, teachers want to see software and platforms that will create community and positive culture in their classroom. For example, ClassDoJo utilizes technology in a way that engages every student in the class as well as their parents. This communication platform allows teachers to be able to let parents know how their students are doing in class with just the push of a button. This is a great way to build confidence in students and make sure that their good and bad behavior is being acknowledged.

Teachers are also looking for technology in their classroom that is easily accessible, and easy to use. Sometimes, it seems like technology just adds more expenses and stress to a classroom. In cases like that, it almost always seems easier to shy away from it. However, when technology can be effective and successfully implemented in a classroom, it can really take off.Again, ClassDojo was really successful at being easily implemented into different classrooms. For teachers, implementation can be just about as easy as creating an account and downloading an app. It also is super kid friendly so, any student is likely to be super excited about it.

As technology continues to be on the rise in classrooms, teachers are going to be more and more strict about what resources come into their classroom. That is why it is essential for developers to really do their research and find out what teachers need and want, that will best help them to uplift, inspire and motivate their class. Luckily, as long as we have teachers and developers, there is sure to be a lot more good ideas.

Roberto Santiago Helped People Realize How Important the Mall Was

The Manaira Shopping Mall gave people a chance to see how they could make things better for themselves and for others. It was a great way for Roberto Santiago to give back to the community and give people what they were looking for. For Roberto Santiago, this meant he would need to try different things and would need to make sure the mall was better than all the rest. It also made it easier for him to try and help people who needed his help while they were shopping at the mall. Everything he did went back to the positive things he could do and the opportunities he was confident he could give his clients. It helped him make sure he was doing things right and gave him all the motivation he needed to continue offering different things to the people who he was helping with the business.


The mall started out as just another mall, but it grew into something so much better. Roberto Santiago wanted the mall to be exclusive of Manaira and that’s how he was going to make things better. He wanted people to try and learn more about what they were doing and how they were going to be able to enjoy different shopping options. Those who came to the mall could clearly see that Roberto Santiago was dedicated to the shoppers, the diners and the people who were coming to be entertained. He wanted them to feel comfortable and feel like they had options for everything.


Many of the customers who came to the mall just to shop were the ones who came there for different purposes too. Once they were at the mall, they knew they would be able to try different things. They also knew they would be able to get more from the situations they were in if they were at the mall and doing things right. It helped them make the most positive choices for their opportunities and allowed them the chance to feel good about what they were doing while they were trying different things.


For years, Roberto Santiago made sure he was giving people the attention they deserved. He regularly added things to the mall that people had requested and that showed he was truly dedicated to the success of the mall. He wanted everyone to know he was working hard to make sure things would work for him and for the people who he was trying to help. Everything worked out because now the mall is one of the longest-standing in Brazil. It is thriving at a time where other malls that were offering the same things are struggling to keep their heads above the water in the economy.


Ian King And Cryptocurrency Wisdom

Ian King is a writer who works for Banyan Hill Publishing, a trusted online investment information portal. He’s completely qualified to work for Banyan Hill, too. He’s a seasoned entrepreneur who has been a big part of a broad range of diverse businesses.

King is a cryptocurrency trader who has a major name in the community, too. He’s been assessing all aspects of the finance world for more than 20 years. He’s been trading in it for just as long a period of time. He has a zeal for cryptocurrency that’s rare. People who depend on Investopedia are fully aware of that. He regularly pens articles on the website that revolve around the vast topic. He even established a modern program that assists basic investors with subjects such as monero, litecoin, ripple and bitcoin. People who have thirsts for knowledge regularly read King’s insight regarding all varieties of cryptoassets. King’s Banyan Hill Publishing colleagues include Senior Editor Michael Carr, Editorial Director Jeff Yastine and Alpha Stock Alert Editor Ted Bauman. King exchanges knowledge that pertains to cryptocurrency opportunities, cryptocorns and blockchain technological concepts.

Ian King is a proud American who has had a terrific career so far. He began his time in the workforce with a Salomon Brothers desk clerk position. His position was part of the firm’s renowned mortgage bond trading sector. He, after some time, made his way into Citigroup’s group derivatives division. That pushed him into a strong position with Peahi Capital, the name of a hedge fund located in New York, New York. He worked for the hedge fund as its capable head trader. He remained with the company for 10 full years. He used his days there wisely, too. King is a professional who knows all about trading options on

He arrived at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. His objective in doing so was to assist the website’s readership. King wanted Banyan Hill Publishing’s devoted readers to learn about how the up-and-coming crypto market functions according to He at the moment writes for Sovereign Investor Daily on a weekly basis. This newsletter is under the large Banyan Hill Publishing umbrella. King updates readers on things that involve new crypto market advancements.

King is now taking on production duties. He’s hard at work on a class that goes into crypto market trading matters. He’s constantly honing his investment advisory abilities as well. He’s anticipating making his trading service come to life.

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How Customers Positively Review White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a company that helps small and medium sized business owners effectively advertise their products and services on the internet. They have customers across both the United States and Canada. They are a Premiere Google Partner as well as a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner. The company was established in 2011 by three Danish co-founders. Each of them had worked extensively in marketing, both online and offline.

At White Shark Media they offer a free evaluation of your pay per click efforts. They outline what your campaigns pros and negatives are and how it could be structured better. They also explain how much they will charge to create this new and better PPC campaign.

Many different types of businesses have used White Shark Media to get great sales results. One client is a business owner of a company that helps people repair their credit. He said that he had nothing but amazing things to say and that he was saving more than $10,000 a month in advertising costs versus what he had been spending. A dental office in Lakeland, Florida said that he started working with White Shark Media when he opened his practice a year ago. Thanks to the online ad campaign they created he has already done more than $1.5 million in sales in this first year.

The owner of a Tai Kwon Do business in South Miami credited working with White Shark Media boosting the number of people wanting to sign up. He says that he got a personal involvement from his rep at the company that he didn’t get elsewhere. Meanwhile, a furniture retailer in California said that it was his promise that you would be very satisfied with White Shark Media based on his sales results.

David Giertz Explains Why Financial Advisors Should Discuss Social Security

Social security can account for as much as 40 percent of the retirement planning process, yet many financial advisors do not speak to their clients about it. According to David Giertz, Nationwide Financial’s President of Sales and Distribution Organization, it is necessary for financial advisors to discuss social security to avoid losing clients and prevent costly mistakes.

According to the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, most financial advisors do not discuss social security, yet 4 out of 5 surveyed individuals who are retired or 10 years from retirement say they would switch financial advisors if their advisor didn’t talk about it. With clients so interested in social security, why would this be something advisors would avoid?

David Giertz thinks this is due to social security being a very complex topic to discuss. The Social Security Handbook contains over 2,700 rules. However, not discussing social security with clients can have serious detriments. Turning on social security too early can result in a loss of as much as $12,000 annually. This loss can be as significant as $300,000 over 25 years.

Nationwide Financial also found that financial advisors can still assist clients in managing their social security benefits even when dealing with unforeseen medical conditions and expenses. Retirees who work with an advisor are 16 percent less likely to have health problems interrupt their retirement plans and 18 percent less likely to have their plan disrupted by medical costs.

David Giertz is a registered financial advisor in Dublin, Ohio. He received his Master of Business Administration from the University of Miami, and has over 31 years of financial planning experience. He has served as Director, President, and Senior Vice President at Nationwide Financial, and the company’s profit revenues have risen by 38 percent to $17.8 billion under Giertz’s leadership.

Todd Lubar’s Perspective On Entrepreneurship

Todd Lubar asserts that the housing business has much potential given the lack of authentic information that clients can rely on. He contends that Google is playing a crucial role of providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity of reaching customers through their promotional campaigns. The executive states that specialized search engines are better avenues for people to find a home. Todd’s vast experience in the real estate business, mortgage and banking industries has enabled him to understand the needs of consumers. In addition, he has become passionate about helping the disadvantaged people to access loans.


Through his corporation, TDL Global Ventures, Todd has enabled people, who would otherwise not access credit from traditional lenders, to enhance their lives by securing loans. He posits that hard work has enabled him to remain successful. He asserts that networking is crucial for any businessperson. When he was working for Crestar Mortgage Company, he managed to interact with clients, real estate agents, insurance agents, financial planners and CPA’s. These professionals have helped his business to have a large client base, as they have been referring many people to his company. Visit his website



The shrewd entrepreneur says that his business has a brighter future. This is because many people are willing to accomplish their goals. To this end, the business will run as a going concern because many clients have big aspirations in life, thus the need for loans. Todd is willing to support the dreams of many people in any possible way. Lubar seeks to ensure that all customers are happy and able to build their businesses. Check out


About Todd Lubar


For several years, Lubar ranked as one of the leading mortgage originators in the country. The executive ensures that all systems are working. He achieves this objective by custom-building all his software in partnership with experienced developers. Todd loves literature materials. He recommends that the community should read a book written by David Schwartz, “The Magic of Thinking Big.”


Lubar posits that this book encourages people to shift from their comfort zones and seek to think big and have higher expectations. Todd says that the book has helped him to look at life from a well-rounded perspective. For over 20 years, Lubar has been helping people to realize their dreams of owning homes.



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Matthew Autterson Made CNS Bioscience Better Than it Was

Even though CNS Bioscience was relatively new when Matthew Autterson started there as the CEO, he knew he could do things to change the company. He also knew there would be things that would allow him the chance to make sure he was giving people what they were looking for. As long as Matthew Autterson was pushing forward with the company, he felt it was a good idea to continue making new solutions for people to try. In fact, the solutions that he came up with were all about how he could bring changes to the community and what it would do for the patients.


One of the ways that Matthew Autterson felt he was being an important part of the company was that he was giving people what they needed in the industry. He had always tried to show others what they could do and how they could make things better on their own. For Matthew Autterson, this meant he needed to give people the options they needed. Matthew Autterson also knew he needed to show others what they could get if they were working on things for themselves instead of working toward a brighter future for the treatment of neuropathic diseases.


For years, Matthew Autterson has always tried to do his best for other people. That’s what has made him such a great philanthropist. He knew what it would take to help people and knew there would be different things he could do if he was going to continue helping those who were in the situations he had worked with. In fact, Matthew Autterson had always wanted people to realize he was doing his best while he was helping them. For Matthew Autterson, this meant he had to try his best to connect with patients.


Even when Matthew Autterson isn’t being a philanthropist at his job, he is doing it through different things. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for. He is also a member at other businesses and areas where he can help them with the things they are going through. By always looking out for people and doing his best to give people what they need, Matthew Autterson is allowing everyone to see that he can try to make things better and he can try to show them how they will be affected by the different opportunities. View Related Info Here.

Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on Rio Education Plan

Rio de Janeiro under the governance of Mayor Marcelo Crivella is putting up measures and plans to improve the education of children in the city according to a report published by Felipe Montoro Jens. The mayor promised to improve the education of children in the city during his campaigns. The administration is planning to set up new 20,000 day-care centers and new 40,000 pre-school centers by 2020.

According to the mayor and his administrations, investing in the education of children and giving them the rights education at tender ages prepares them for their adult life in future. Rio de Janeiro will be partnering with Public-Private Partnership to make the paper plan become a reality.

PPP will be in charge of the construction as well as the maintenance of the educational structures and facilities. The office of the mayor, on the other hand, will be carrying out pedagogical activities in the system. In 2012, the administration of Belo Horizonte in collaboration with PPP constructed educational facilities for infants in the country.

Felipe Montoro Jens disclosed that the International Finance Corporation would be in charge of funding the project. IFC is a member of the World Bank and is the leading global development institution worldwide focusses on helping its members to carry out and finish their projects successfully. The contract between the International Finance Corporation and Rio de Janeiro is worth $2.1 million.

The collaboration between government entities and Public-Private Partnerships has been important in improving the efficiency of scares government resources. It allows administrations to put their funds on significant social and economic sectors in the society. The collaboration has also reduced the costs of developing communities by the governments. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the Rio de Janeiro administration and PPP have signed an agreement contract to make the paper plan a success.