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Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Is Shaking Up Online Dating

The career of Whitney Wolfe has taken off at an amazing pace. She isn’t even 30 years old and she has already managed to make a name for herself as a CEO. As a Millennial she is fixated on the business of online apps and made herself a fortune through mobile apps like other Millennial greats such as Mark Zuckerberg. Her latest project, Bumble, is changing the way we think of online dating and how we should go about it.

The Idea Of Bumble

Bumble was launched in 2014 after Whitney Wolfe decided to leave Hatch Labs. At Hatch Labs, the founders of Tinder, she did not like the company culture and eventually sued for sexual harassment. After the lawsuit was settled she decided to leave to pursue her own ambitions. These ambitions lead her towards the creation of Bumble. She wanted to create a dating app without the sexual harassment that is seen far too often in online dating. Bumble achieves this by empowering women to make the first move in all opposite sex approaches. With millions of users already in the app’s base it seems like a success.

The Growth Of Bumble

Bumble has grown quite a bit since it first opened. The app can now boast of more than 150 million matches made through the platform. Additionally, Bumble has achieved this high number of matches with a very low rate of sexual harassment. There were only 650 cases of sexual harassment in 2015, which is less than 0.1% of the app’s audience. Bumble has empowered women to make the first move in dating, but the future of this app is promising something even bigger.

What Will She Do Next?

Whitney Wolfe has already proven she can lead a company with the best of them. There are plenty of people her age who simply haven’t experienced nearly the same amount of success. Bumble is already a smashing success and there is still room for growth. Whatever she decides to do it is almost certain it will see the same amount of success.

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Goettle is a Leading Industry Leader in HVAC Systems

Many homeowners are well aware of how significant of impacts the decisions that they make in pertinence to maintenance tasks can have on the values of their properties. Unfortunately, at the same time, there are many homeowners who have no idea that the maintenance tasks that they conduct from time to time can have tremendous impacts on their properties’ values. Although there are many different aspects of a home property that one should pay particular attention to when it comes to maintenance, it is highly recommended for them to ensure that they’re paying attention to the most important aspects of properties as their very first priorities, as opposed to saving them for last.

One aspect of home property maintenance that should be considered as being a top choice for anybody is their air conditioners. Air conditioners have vital functions in any household as they have an effect of circulating air within the premises of a property. During the summer months, air conditioners are mostly used. This is also a time when people realize how important they really are. However, they may not necessarily realize their importance unless the air conditioner breaks down and they end up feeling the scorching temperatures from outside into their homes. This is why it is imperative for homeowners to ensure that they’re taking necessary steps towards air conditioning system maintenance.

Goettl is a company that specialize in HVAC for the community. As an industry leader in the HVAC field, customers are provided with optimal services in the state of Arizona. If you are looking for competitively priced services of HVAC in Arizona, then it’s highly recommended for you to ensure that you contact a specialist of Goettl as soon as possible. They will provide you with an initial inspection appointment, after which they will then inspect the air conditioning system and provide you with a practically priced quote for its maintenance, repair, or restoration.

Talk Fusion-Giving Back to the Communtiy

After over a year of careful planning and countless hours of hard work. Talk Fusion, known as a global leader in video marketing solutions, has recently launched their anticipated 30 day Free Trials. These trials are available in nine different languages and in over 140 countries. Prospective customers can now try Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution completely risk-free for 30 days. Now prospective customers can experience for themselves just how effective Talk Fusion’s video marketing really is. Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, is confident that there is absolutely no comparison to their products anywhere in the world. He is also confident that if people try Talk Fusion’s products, they will want to buy them.

The benefits of Talk Fusion’s products are available to charities, businesses, and individuals simply by signing up through their newly-designed website: There is no credit card information or personal details of any kind required for signup either-just a name and email address will do. Through the website, free Trial Users get to utilize Video Newsletters, Video Email, Sign-Up Forms, Live Meetings, and their 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat. will benefit anyone wanting to increase their marketing skills, gain an edge on the competition, or to just communicate better.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by CEO and founder Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is dedicated to helping businesses flourish through effective video technology. Talk Fusion is a global leader in video marketing solutions and their innovative products are marketed by independent Associates in more than 140 countries. Talk Fusion was the first to introduce the Instant Pay Compensation Plan and upholds ethical business practices that have helped to make this such a successful company. Talk Fusion has a strong belief in giving back to not only friends and family, but to animal charities, and to the community to promote a healthier global environment. Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association and CEO Reina believes that “with great success comes greater responsibility.” Their success is partly due to this very motto. for more.

Tammy Mazzocco is a Real Estate Agent Who Will Serve Your Needs of Finding a Home That is Perfect For You

A vast array of people have found themselves unable to find homes that match what they are looking for in a home. Unfortunately, they may not have been able to find the homes that they wanted when there actually were some available that they may have found to be more suitable for their needs than the homes that they ended up settling with. Tammy Mazzocco has access to many more homes than are shown in regular public listings on many real estate websites in which homes that are for sale are shown. Tammy Mazzocco has been in the field of real estate for more than 20 years and has helped several families to find homes that suited their needs over the years. If you are unsure about whether you can find a home or not, please contact Tammy Mazzocco via as she will be able to provide you with the assistance that you need to find a home that is most accommodating to your very needs. Tammy Mazzocco utilizes some of the most stringent forms of search methods to find the perfect matches of homes for any and all people who request such information.

In Ohio, solid instances of job creations throughout the year of 2016 and low mortgage rates have translated into a great year for the real estate market. In the previous month, rising mortgage rates put a threat to that very upswing. Prices that were higher and tight supplies of listings, challenges that real estate agents had been citing for longer than a year, has a contributing effort into a 2016 finale that was less exciting than usual. The surge that had occurred in rates since early parts of November had ultimately surprised some prospective buyers and had an effect of dimming abilities of buying homes as the year of 2016 had come to an end.

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Why Troy McQuagge Is A Successful CEO

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and president of USHEALTH and its many different agencies, including USHEALTH Advisors. He is known as one of the most trustworthy and reliable of all insurance CEOs on the market. How has Troy McQuagge earned this success over the years and just what makes him an incredible CEO? Here are a few important points to consider.

His Success Has Been Considerable

Few insurance executives have had the kind of success Mr. McQuagge has had when transforming the industry. For example, when he joined USHEALTH in 2010, it was a successful, but fairly low-key company. His first goal was to rebuild USHEALTH Advisors and make it a successful marketing firm.

As in all things in his life, he succeed. As a result, he was elected to be the president and CEO of USHEALTH and has continually pushed them forward as an innovative and high-quality company. Under his tenure, they have been more successful than they previously thought possible.

He Has Years Of Experience

When Mr. McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1983, he started work immediately. Ever since that day, he has been an up-and-coming insurance executive who has constantly innovated the industry and found new ways to succeed.

Experience like this simply can’t be bought. Unlike other executives, who spent half their live getting their education, Mr. McQuagge focused on a Bachelor’s Degree and hitting the ground running as soon as possible. That “can do” attitude has helped him succeed in every business he’s ever touched.

Awards Seem To Find Their Way To Him

Mr. Quagge has won numerous awards as an executive, the most recent of which was the honor of being named the “Best CEO” in the insurance industry by One Planet Awards. This independent group awards those that they believe have truly made a difference in their industry and give them awards to indicate their success.

They were heavily inspired not only by Mr. McQuagge’s success with USHEALTH, but with his previous success in other industries and other businesses. To win this award, he beat out thousands of other competitors, making it a truly big deal.

Caring About His Customers And Employees Is Second Nature

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Mr. McQuagge is his humble nature. When accepting his One Planet Awards honor, he had this to say: “It’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition. In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow.”

That kind of caring and humble attitude comes as second nature to him, helping to show why he is capable of inspiring such loyalty, dedication, and hard work in those who work with him.

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The Many Endeavors Of Jason Hope

Have you ever noticed that the people who do great things in society, never really receive the credit that’s due. It seems like professional athletes and entertainers get most of the credit even though the majority have never done much to better man-kind. Unfortunately this is the world we live in, but just know that there are many talented individuals out there and a guy named Jason Hope is the topic of this discussion.

Jason Hope is literally a brilliant minded individual whom uses his intellect to better man-kind. This guy is known as an entrepreneur, investor, and futurist. His heart belongs to technology and the use of it, which has led Jason Hope on a successful path in life. Mobile Communications was and it still is big as he started out by selling premium text messages. This small untapped niche was a gold mine and Hope made a nice living from doing so.

The guy has a Finance Degree as well as an MBA from Arizona State University. This is where is learned much of his successful business sense, but being an entrepreneur, Hope understands that taking risks is all a part of the game. Jason Hope built his career off of one customer when he was working for an advertising and marketing company. Being extremely lucky, that one referral changed his whole life for the better and he hasn’t looked back since. Besides having such success in the business world, Hope has always had a big heart. His philanthropic nature has caused him to invest his time and money into healthcare. The SENS Foundation is where he’s put a lot of focus as it is focused on finding cures for many of today’s illnesses.

Jason Hope is a product of his own environment. Having this much success and knowledge and allowed him to do some very unique things and it’s the blueprint of his success.

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Stem Cell Therapy Makes Giant Leaps In The Medical Industry

While technology continues to advance and unfold in most areas of life, the Lung Institute is on top of new developments and treatments regarding Stem Cell Therapy. The Lung Institute is dedicated to helping those patients who suffer from chronic lung conditions.

There’s a protocol that’s been initiated by the Lung Institute that alleviates symptoms of chronic lung disease while addressing the advancement of the disease. Their sensitive and understanding physicians are focused on the use of the best technology available today while realizing the individual needs of every patient. They have halted the use of archaic treatments and replaced them with this advanced treatment that won’t result in negative side effects.

To understand the positive progression in the area of stem cells, it’s important to know what stem cells are. Stem cells are basically the requirement of life in every organism. They are naturally present throughout your body and are housed in your bone marrow. Doctors retrieve these cells and begin the process of therapy. For more details,  see Lung Institute’s treatment page

Stem Cell Therapy takes healthy stem cells from different parts of your body and reintroduces them into the diseased area where they are able to perform the same function as the cells already present. They adapt and change their function to the location needed. In this situation, they are injected into the lung area and take on the function of lung cells. But, these cells are healthy and have regenerative properties that lead to healing. By implementing such treatments, you are eradicating the negative side effects commonly present in other treatments allowing the people to experience minimally invasive procedures.

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USHEALTH Group Is The Gold Standard For Customer Service

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a Fort Worth-based company. Mother company to Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company, USHEALTH is dedicated to giving families and individuals accident and disability, life, and specified disease/sickness insurance. The company caters to families, individuals, small business owners, and the business’ employees. Through USHEALTH’s subsidiaries, they have served over 15 million customers for over 5 decades.



 USHEALTH Group understands that people who need specified disease/sickness and accident coverage need personalized plans and services that suit their specific needs. Therefore, they give an array of options to allow customers to choose which options are best suited for their needs. USHEALTH’s product models promote customer choice, making them more than qualified to deal with every customer’s affordability, reliability, and flexibility needs when it comes to insurance choices.



For people who are on a strict budget, or those who have concerns about high annual deductibles, USHEALTH offers a plethora of products that provide them with first dollar benefits for all services covered and in-network discounts across a large board of providers. These first-dollar-benefit plans tend to make plans more affordable than other ones without removing any protection or assurances that comprehensive plans guarantee.



USHEALTH has a plan for everyone, whether it’s protection against critical illness, specified disease/sickness and accidents, or prevention coverage like income protector, term life insurance, term accident disability income, and dental/vision plans. USHEALTH sets themselves apart from other companies that are focused on low customer loyalty and high customer turnover by creating valued relationships with their customers.



USHEALTH subsidiaries function under two main philosophies. They believe that every single customer is different and unique, and should be treated as such. They also believe that the “one size fits all” approach to customers is never the right answer. Because of these philosophies, USHEALTH offers an array of choices of affordable solutions with the goal of meeting each and every customer’s needs.



The company has been awarded as a 2013 Top 50 North American Call Center for their exceptional customer service and claim processing. USHEALTH has become the gold standard for their average claim processing times and payment cycles. They have built an exceptional reputation for the way they care for their customers, receiving an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.



USHEALTH Group, Inc. is led by professional experts who have spent their lives in the industry. President and CEO Troy McQuagge began his insurance career in 1983, Executive Vice President Konrad Kober has been in the industry since 1990, and Executive Vice President Cynthia Koenig has been working in insurance since 1993. USHEALTH hires only the very best to lead the way in exceptional care for their customers.

Take Care of Your Hair the Wen Way

Some women are blessed with hair that is naturally very healthy and luscious however, most of us are striving to just maintain our crazy, wild hair. Those of us who aren’t so blessed to have the gorgeous, silky natural hair are in luck; there are tons of products on the shelves to help us achieve our goal!

According to Wikipedia, the source of your healthy hair starts at the scalp. Just like everything else, though, your diet and the environment can affect the health of your scalp. What you eat and consumer on a daily basis is just as important for your hair and scalp as what shampoos you use! Try and find a shampoo that includes nutritional supplements along with it to give your hair the fatty acids and vitamins that it needs to look amazing and promote your hair to grow! Avoid using shampoos with harsh detergents as these are not only bad for your hair, they also can affect those who have a sensitive scalp, leaving them with inflammation and redness.

Chaz Dean creates fabulous hair care products to help promote that healthy hair you have always been looking for. The WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner can take place of 5 of your different products including: conditioner, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner, shampoo, and detangler. This product will cleanse your hair without the harsh chemicals that are found in other products, leaving all of your hairs natural oils where they belong. Your hair will be left being manageable, more moisturized, and even stronger! Need Wen hair care? Order yours today at the QVC online store.

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Lime Crime and Their Extremely Creative Instagram Posts


How many of your makeup companies out there have their own Instagram accounts? How many post to them nearly everyday? Can you name one company who stays on top of Instagram like Lime Crime does? If not, you are using the wrong company. You want a company who is not afraid to showcase their individuality and that allows for others to see what people are using. With their Instagram account, you get to see products offered, what people are wearing and color swatches that showcase what it looks like when applied to the actual skin. Not many companies can say that they do this while on Instagram, but as @limecrimemakeup shows, their social media is just that.


In the recent months, more people are taking notice to the Lime Crime company due to the cover of Galore magazine. Recently a A-lister has been used on the cover of the magazine and when you find out who it was, you are going to be shocked. Paris Hilton. She was currently on the cover of the magazine wearing the Diamond Crushers line of lipstick. She is seen wearing a very expensive diamond necklace with a fur wrapped gently across her shoulders. She looks very posed and elegant. Sure, you can have cover girl models like Queen Latifah or you can have an individual who is not afraid to say what she thinks and parties like a rockstar. If you look up to someone like this, why not purchase the makeup she wears as well.


Do you work hard to pay for everything that you own? Do you want to have makeup that is not simply purchased in the local stores? Do you want makeup that someone uses everyday or do you want something that you can wear that pops from others? Do you want to use makeup that stars like Paris Hilton uses? If so, choose one of the Diamond Crushers lines or even the velvetines colors that are available. If you want to purchase smaller sizes, the small gift boxes are great for just trying them out. Give it a try and I guarantee you won’t go back to your everyday store bought colors again.  Browse new Lime Crime styles on Pinterest, or you can also see what’s new on