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Advertising Agencies In Brazil Are Targeting Consumers With Multiple Online Devices

A few years ago, newspapers, magazines, radio and television were the only way advertising agencies could get their client’s product and services in front of Brazilian consumers. Radio ads were the best and cheapest way to advertise because most households in Brazil owned a radio. Radio ads were loud, sometimes bizarre and always entertaining.

Television ads were designed the same way except people could watch the craziness instead of just listening to it. Radio and television are still the most popular ways to advertise, according to the founder of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency, Cláudio Loureiro. The Heads ad agency represents some important clients in the Brazilian market, so Loureiro and his team of executives are always developing new ways to tell interesting stories about products and services. One of those new ways is using the Internet to place ads and another way, according to Mr. Loureiro is to create ads that can be seen on mobile devices.

The trend in Brazil these days is to use multiple online devices to communicate and to get information. A recent study conducted by the Brazilian Center for Studies on Information and Communication Technologies discovered that 27 percent of Brazilian families owned not only a computer but also different types of mobile devices like notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. Smartphone and notebook sales in Brazil have exploded, and that people are using their computers less and their mobile devices more.

The number of mobile subscriptions continues to increase in Brazil. There are 138 million broadband subscriptions a month, but only 23 million fixed broadband connections. More people are using mobile devices, and they are using them in different locations. That scenario presents opportunities for ad agencies and advertisers, but there are also challenges associated with developing ads for mobile users. Cross-device targeting techniques are tricky, according to advertising executives.

A recent research survey discovered that 87 percent of Internet users in Brazil shop online using a computer or a laptop. But 27 percent of them will also use a smartphone to shop, and another 32 percent use a tablet or notebook when they shop online. Advertising agencies have the ability to use a retargeting and identification platform to deliver creative ads for specific consumers, and that is changing the ad game in Brazil. Clients that want to reach consumers that have put the Internet in front of television and radio for shopping advice are expanding their possibilities and their sales.