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Blood Transfusions Can Cause Food Allergies

Blood transfusions save lives, no doubt, but they can also cause food allergies. If you have been able to eat any food, including peanuts, that you like without issue, then have a blood transfusion and all that food enjoyment changes, blame the blood transfusion.
It is a rare occurrence for food allergies to manifest after a blood transfusion, but they do happen. Out of the millions of blood transfused patients who received blood as direct result of blood components distributed by the Canadian Blood Services within the past ten years, only two cases of new food allergies have been reported.
The allergen antibodies are in the blood of the donor, and when the blood recipient receives a transfusion from someone who has an allergy, they occasionally also develop the allergy. The allergies can range from grass, pollen, dairy, peanuts or any number of other things.
Healthy folks at STX Entertainment have learned that the good news is that the allergens in the blood transfusion don’t survive long. They will naturally fade away within a few months after the transfusion and the blood recipient will never know they were there. The only reported cases of a blood transfusion recipient having an allergic reaction to a new substance occurred shortly after the transfusion, before the allergens had time to dissipate.