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International Dating: Bringing People Together

Technology has been known to bring people together. With the proliferation of social media sites all across the world, it is only natural that technology would extend to online dating. Previously, online dating was seen as a complex and confusing thing. Dating in the real world was hard enough and online dating adds an extra layer of complexity and host of new challenges.
Because technology helps to bring people together, online dating allows for two people living on opposite sides of the world to meet and to even fall in love. There might be a lack of physical intimacy but the increased emotional and intellectual intimacy more than makes up for it. Through conversations and shared interests, two people from two different cultures can “meet,” fall in love and eventually get married.
AnastasiaDate is one such dating site. But its focus is on international dating. AnastasiaDate breaks down the traditional barriers of distance and language, aiming to create bonds of love between two individuals of different cultures and countries of origin. AnastasiaDate works on a global scale, operating four sites:,, and The four sites together boasts a combined 4 million members spread across 110 countries.

AnastasiaDate is innovative, new, and real, ultimately letting technology test its limits which previously domestic dating sites had not dared do before. AnastasiaDate continues to test its limits with the introduction of its new app. The AnastasiaDate app, available on Google Play and iTunes, brings international dating to a new level, right to people’s fingertips. People can download the app for free and then can video chat and use a wide variety of platforms to communicate. AnastasiaDate app and website combined brings international dating to an entirely new level, giving it a personal touch.

Skout App Connects Travelers

Are you someone who travels quite a bit? Do you like to connect with local people in the cities you visit to get tips, take in the culture and know the best places to eat and to visit? You can get the very best out of your vacation or your work trip by getting the insider view of a city with the help of people who live there. But how can you do that?

Travelers who are looking for ways to connect can do so through a new app called Skout. The app, which is compatible with iOS devices and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple app store, is set up to allow travelers to search for locals to meet based upon a city search.

Interestingly, since the Skout app launched, its use has expanded significantly among online users who have downloaded it. Christian Wiklund, Skout’s chief executive, recently told The New York Times that travelers are now using the app to make decisions about where they will take their vacations. Is this a dating app for travelers? Not necessarily, but it is reflective of a social media world in which many users have few qualms about meeting people online and taking that meeting to the next level — even going so far as plan a vacation where their new online friend resides.

Skout representatives say that since the travel feature launched last year, more than 10 million people have used it, and the company expects growth to only increase as more people discover the app and give into their wanderlust for traveling.

Are you ready to add a little interest and charm to your next vacation or work trip? Do you want to meet new friends and experience the local culture in only the way a local can show you? If you are ready to combine your loves of making new friends and traveling, then the new Skout app may offer you something unique and refreshing. But as with all online activity, be careful with who connect with and decide to meet up with. Skout doesn’t vet their users, so you literally are making online friends with anyone in the world — and traveling — at your own risk. Have a great vacation and enjoy seeing the insider view of the destinations you visit tis year. Good luck and have fun!

How Image Recognition Technology Is Changing Our Lives

Technology in today’s world is a very curious beast. There are many people who are confounded and do not understand how it works and even have trouble operating a smart phone. Computers have been on a steady incline of advancement since the 80’s and are only going to grow more and more complex as the years go on. The technology that they employ finds a way to seep into the fabric of our daily lives for better or for worse. However, the benefits to having stronger technology are stronger security, safety and interaction.

With the rise of apps, many people are taking to their phones to use software that can perform useful operations. Even on desktop computers, software has become so advanced that we can now use webcams and image capturing software to alter and interact. This advanced technology has given rise to image recognition. Image recognition is software that can detect faces, logos, words, objects and people. This software is often present on devices such as computers, phones, and cameras. An optical device to scan the area in or around a person is often required.

Image recognition falls into a field of artificial intelligence where the software detects certain patterns through the lens of the camera and then uses that information to perform certain operations. One example of this is seen in photographic cameras as facial recognition, where when taking a picture of someone, a box forms around their face in order to focus the lens and create a clearer picture. Image recognition software has many different practical uses and one of the most recent is using a camera lens on, say, a smartphone to detect telephone numbers on paper or other mediums and having it transfer over to the phone itself to be used to call, text or store.

Other practical applications that are gaining steam concerning image recognition software are security and safety. Many car companies are using image recognition software in their cars as a means of preventing accidents. An example this is when backing a car up, a camera in the back of the car may alert the driver when they get dangerously close to bumping something. While driving, image recognition software may be used to help alert the driver when they are falling asleep, to prevent an accident. In order to do this, the camera inside the car, focused on the driver’s face, detects if the eyes of the person driving are closing and then emits a piercing buzzing noise to jolt the driver awake.

Another great application for image recognition is security. Many high-tech companies and top-secret facilities are using facial recognition to help protect their buildings from intruders. The computers inside the building keep a database of faces of the employees that work there and before entering, people must look to the camera and if their face is a match, they are admitted.

One of the leading companies in the field of image recognition technology, Slyce, has made significant strides in perfecting the use of image recognition in many different mediums. Slyce launched its visual recognition platform in February of 2013 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. With many different uses for image recognition technology, you can be sure that with companies like Slyce and bright minds in the rapidly growing field, the future is going to be way more interesting.

Skout Takes a New Approach to Dating Apps

Mobile apps are the modern craze. Almost more mobile apps are being used daily than desktop software. There are many new apps being created and released everyday that it can be difficult to keep up on all of the different trends going around in the world of apps. It can be hard for an app to stand out above the rest, and when it does it is usually for a good reason. There are many different apps in different categories, and only the best designed apps with great purposes make it to the top.

After 100 million downloads, it is easy to say that Skout is becoming a very popular app on smart phones. This app is a great way for individuals to meet new friends, chat with individuals close by, and find potential dates. Skout is a very popular app that is taking a new spin on the dating app category. This app has a very popular feature called shake chat. You can shake your phone, and you will be paired with another individual in your area to chat with. This can be a great way to meet new friends or flirt with people in your area.

One of the great features of this app is how interactive it is. Unlike other dating apps, there is more to do on this app. When you are using Skout, you have the ability to give virtual gifts. This can make those who you are chatting with feel more obligated to respond to your messages. With other dating apps it can be very easy to get lost in the shuffle of all of the apps. Skout makes it easier to be remembered, and therefore making many real life interactions much more possible. Skout is really the future of smartphone dating apps with it’s innovative features.