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Billy McFarland Founds Private Club for Millenials

Millenials now know the name Billy McFarland, and some are inclined to call him their hero. Business Insider said that this is because Billy McFarland launched an idea for a social networking endeavor known as Magnises.

The concept behind Magnises was to create a membership for millenials that would enable them to get access to the best bars, clubs, and other nightlife at a special rate. Additionally, this private club would allow the members to get access to the most coveted getaways and private events in major cities like NYC and Chicago.

As a 23 year old, McFarland was familiar with the desires of other millenials and he wanted to find a way to impress as well as to attract the elite community. This private club would get a “little black card”, that could be tied to the member’s debit card or credit card for ease of use and convenience anywhere in the world.

The vision was born in 2013 when Billy McFarland was still in the planning and startup stage, but the card went live in March of 2014.

Building a social network offline has never been easier with the benefits that the card offers as well as the prestige associated with the card. The card is made of metal, which means millenials can literally “flash” their card wherever they go.

Luxurious getaways and private concerts are only steps away when you join Magnises, and it’s also an opportunity for these young professionals to grow their business network. Spending time with like-minded individuals and traveling to the same destinations gives them tons of opportunities to network both socially and professionally, and that is what Magnises is all about.

This is one of the main reasons that McFarland wanted to tie the card in with their debit or credit card. A debit card is something most individuals carry with them at all times, making it easier to use for the purpose of travel as well as for shopping of any kind.

Some of the elite hot spots in NYC include, La Esquina and Catch, two upscale restaurants in NYC. Finale and Goldbar, two upscale bars have also chosen to join the fray and become a part of what Magnises is doing. Since 2014 when the card was launched, more than 6,000 people have joined, paying a fee of only $250 annually to be a part of the club.