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Mike Baur is proud of his work with Swiss Start-Up Factory

Start-ups are a powerful force within the global economy. Established companies help us receive important products, but they are often afraid to take the necessary risks to change the world. People want new changes in the market, and they need start-ups to help them. Recently, Europe was suffering from a stagnant economy. Mike Baur is a powerful businessman throughout Europe and he knew he could help address the stagnant economy. He began working on a project in Zurich, Switzerland that would become known as the Swiss Start-Up Factory.


The Swiss Start-Up Factory was founded with one idea in mind, that start-ups can reinvigorate the Swiss economy and take it to new levels. Mike Baur wanted to create a place where entrepreneurs could come and create future powerhouses. There were many incubator programs throughout Switzerland, but no incubator provides the resources that the Swiss Start-Up Factory can.


Coworking spaces are changing the way work happens around the world. By working in close proximity to other businesses, companies are able to build long-term relationships that can reap benefits for years to come. Mike Baur has extensively researched co-working spaces and has built a top quality coworking space at the Swiss Start-up Factory. Incubatees will be close to like-minded individuals. This space also includes a lunch room, film studio, coffee bar, excellent internet, and many other amenities. Firms should grow quickly at the coworking spaces at the Swiss Start-up Factory.


While the space available will surely help any company looking to grow, the resources make a major difference. During the three-month incubation program, companies will have access to coaching, mentoring, financing, and a huge investor network. With this resources, any great idea is sure to succeed. The Start-Up Factory also provides their clients with quality accounting services. They will guide their clients with invoice management, VAT reporting, financial statements, and cash flow reports. Start-ups that go through Mike Baur’s program will run properly for years to come.


The Swiss Start-up Factory has been in operation for several years and has helped numerous start-ups reach their full potential. Swiss Start-up alumni include Blinkers, Carhelper, Strucked, and Beaconsmind. Each of these companies has become incredibly successful since working with Swiss Start-up Factory.


Start-ups could be the key to reviving Europe’s stagnant economy. These start-ups bring new and exciting ideas to the forefront. Mike Baur plans to keep working with Swiss Start-up Factory for years to come.


The exceptional prison phone services by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a company that has been offering prison communication for many years. Other services that they offer to make prison a better place include; investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management and product supplies. The company is located in the city of Dallas in Texas. The figures of customers who use this company to keep in touch with their families through telephones have revealed it is among the top communication company in this business.

The recent figures indicate that the company serves 3,450 correction facilities in the state. The estimated numbers of inmates who use these services are about 1.2 million. The consistency in providing quality and reliable communication system has earned the company an excellent reputation and relation with prisons commissions. The same has happened to families, inmates, and lawyers who want to communicate in the uninterrupted network. The company has installed reliable and permanent lines that are regularly maintained.

Many prisoners have opted for this company as their service provider since it has a unique understanding of call privacy. All conversations between inmates and families or attorneys are recorded. The audio sounds and conversations are saved in a well-protected database that cannot be accessed. Prisoners can, therefore, communicate freely without the fear of some sensitive information can could alter the investigations could be exposed. The only time when the database can be accessed is through a federal order in some cases.

The telephone charges are quite high compared to some competitive prices in other communication firms. Nevertheless, the prisoners get call refunds frequently. This gives one more call time to complete their conversation. The payment methods that are used to pay for telephone fee are very flexible and accessible to many people. The user can also request balance statement on their number to monitor the usage over time.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Susan McGalla Is An Inspiration For Women Everywhere

Susan McGalla is a business executive who has worked in many different areas of the retail world, and she has ascended to some of the highest positions in the industry during her career. Susan currently works as a consultant and speaker, but she began as a woman on a mission who worked hard for the praise she was given. Susan’s story is something that all women must take to heart when they begin to climb the corporate ladder.

#1: Susan Outshines Her Colleagues

Susan McGalla’s early career is a story of a woman who was willing to work harder than her male colleagues wherever she went. She was fortunate enough to be noticed by her superiors, and she was promoted quickly. Her promotions allowed her an opportunity to move to American Eagle Outfitters where she distinguished herself in the executive offices. Susan is not a brash and loud woman who breaks the rules to get her way. Susan is the woman who shared her ideas like any other member of the team on, and those ideas were welcomed by the people she worked with.

#2: She Consults Today

Susan McGalla on wikinvest left corporate America to begin consulting after she left American Eagle a success. The company increased its revenues several times over during her tenure there, and she uses her success at American Eagle to teach other companies to make similar changes. Susan is one of the first business executives who suggested a chain open another brand to support a section of their customer base, and Susan pushed for the aerie brand at American Eagle in this manner.

#3: Susan Speaks To Young Women

Susan speaks with young women around American about their aspirations to work in the business world, and she advises women to be themselves in the office. All women can find value in their own careers when they make their ideas known, and Susan advocates for women to simply make their presence valuable until they are recognized for their excellence. This is a unique formula in corporate America, and Susan uses that formula to coach women to success in every sector of corporate America.

#4: What Is Susan McGalla’s Impact?

Susan McGalla’s impact on corporate America begins in the retail world. The creation of the Aerie brand alone makes Susan a titan in the business world, and her work building up the AE brand shows that a woman can lead a company without sitting in the CEO’s chair. Susan was willing to make her ideas known in the office, and she made positive changes from the chair she was given. This unique approach allows women to have balance in their lives, and any woman following Susan’s lead will be able to retire to her family when she likes.

The story of Susan McGalla tells young women around America that it is possible to make a difference in large corporations. Susan turned a relatively low executive position into one of the biggest success stories in the history of the youth retail market.