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Accomplishments Made by Ricardo Guimaraes at BMG

Ricardo Guimaraes has improved the image and reputation of BMG for the period that he has been working for the bank. He has received numerous award and honors. Recently, he received the City Council diploma of merit. Ricardo was honored at the request of Councilman, Daniel Nepomucuno. The event was initiated by house speaker, Bourgeouis de Castor, before handing over the task to Nepomucuno. Daniel took the opportunity to thank Ricardo for the contributions that he and the BMG have made in the city.
The event attracted various politicians and members of the public. Ricardo is the grandson of Antonio Mourao Guimaraes and the son of Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna. He has been working at BMG since 1980 when he was recruited as an office assistant. Ricardo graduated from UNA in 1988 with an undergraduate degree in business administration. Currently, he is the president and heir of Banco de Minas Gerais, a position he has held since 1998. Guimaraes attributes his career success to the hard work ethic that was passed to him by his grandfather and father. This information was originally reported on Dino as posited in the link below
Ricardo has impeccable administrative skills that have seen made BMG to be the leader in payroll loan and credit services. The bank has shown growth by focusing much on clients having a low default rate. The firm has ventured into sports sponsorship as a marketing tactic. It is well known that Ricardo’s love for football led his sponsoring of Atletico Mineiro club. Being a football fanatic, Ricardo knows that sports have lucrative financial returns. This information was reported on Noticias
Atletico Mineiro is not the only club that has been sponsored by BMG. Ricardo took the opportunity to sponsor teams that show future prospects. Majority of the teams that he has sponsored are competitors in the Brazilian Championship series. The teams that have been sponsored by BMG include Sao Paulo, Vasco, Atletico MG, Coritiba, America MG, Cruseiro and Flamengo. BMG acts as a financier during hiring of players. It also provides equipment and uniform with the banks logo printed in bold colors. Besides investing in national football, Ricardo is also involved in a number of sports like athletics. This information was originally mentioned on
Ricardo is also an analyst. Recently, he commented on China’s GDP for 2016. China recorded an economic growth of 6.4%. Ricardo applauded the efforts made by the country but added that the growth rate should not be the only objective. He urged the country to make sure that employment, inflation and income levels remain balanced. Guimaraes has also been quoted talking about the benefits that the annual growth rate will do for the country. He disagrees with some economists that have expressed their fear for inflated Chinese government estimates.

The Best Wikipedia Writing Service On the Internet

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Invest In Precious Metals Through US Money Reserve

The global economy can fluctuate significantly, and the mounting US debt has made many investors turn to alternative forms of investment instead of stocks and bonds. Precious metals, which are guaranteed to hold their value even in times of economic collapse are becoming more and more popular among investors and wealth mangers. Currencies can decrease in value, while precious metals such as gold and silver hold their values, and often surge when paper money drops in value, giving investors handsome returns.

US Money Reserve is a leading distributor of gold and silver coins and other precious metals. Based in the capital city of Austin, Texas, US Money Reserve has fulfilled the demands of hundreds of thousands of clients, ranging from the individual investor to the institutional investor working for an investment firm. The company sells both US mint certified coins, that are guaranteed in purity and value by the US mint and gold and silver bullion. The bullion distributed by US Money Reserve is among the purest and highest quality available on the market today.

US Money Reserve treats its client, be it an individual investor looking to invest in gold or silver for the first time or a wealth management expert that is looking to expand his holdings of precious metals for their clients with the utmost care and respect. Free information booklets and consultations over the phone are provided to prospective investors with no obligation and no sales pressure. Unlike other companies that pressure their clients to purchase gold and silver, US Money Reserve gives you the info and means to purchase but does not try to push you to buy. The company has the highest rating available from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients.

In addition to selling US mint approved gold and silver coins, US Money Reserve sells platinum coins and bullion. This highly expensive and rare precious metal is an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio. Shipping of the gold, silver and precious metals is free and its value and purity is guaranteed. This is yet another distinction of US Money Reserve. The company is also actively involved in the Austin, Texas by being a member of the city of Austin’s chamber of commerce.

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BMG Continues To Grow Under Ricardo Guimaraes

Flavio Pentagma Guimaraes, a large and successful investor and entrepreneur in mining and agriculture, is the father of Ricardo Guimaraes. Ricardo Guimaraes was born in one of the richest and most powerful families in Minas Gerais. Ricardo Guimaraes is however recognized for his role as the president of BMG bank.
Ever since taking over the management of the bank in 1998, Ricardo Guimaraes has shown his great talent of innovation and hard work. He turned BMG bank into the National Loans leader shortly after taking over. The connections and interests of the Guimaraes family in the financial sector date back to the early part of the last century. In 1930, the grandfather to Ricardo Guimaraes, Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, founded the Land Credit Bank.
Ricardo Guimaraes’ management has seen the bank come up with a strategy to become a leader in Brazil’s consigned credit monitoring market. The bank’s operations are handled by a lean and efficient team as well as consultants who are spread across the country. BMG’s main focus is offering low-interest credit to an audience whose default level is low. This has worked for the good of the bank, making it the leader in the industry.
Apart from running BMG successfully, Ricardo Guimaraes offers sponsorship to various football teams as well as athletes in Brazil. At the moment, BMG is the biggest sponsor of football in Brazil. BMG bank receives good returns from the investments made in the sponsorships. The sponsorships are also functional for BMG in the area of advertising. The bank achieves enormous visibility by stamping its three orange letters in the various clubs it sponsors all across the country.
Ricardo Guimaraes’ love for football does not end at the sponsorships and his support for Clube Atlético Mineiro. His love has seen him chair the Alvinegro Mines, a position he took to succeed Nelio Brant. Ricardo managed the club for half a decade before being succeeded by Ziza Valadares. His commitment to the club was exceptional. He assisted the team during difficult times by contributing money from his own pocket. His commitment has earned him a lot of respect a decade after leaving the club, from both the board and the fans.
When it comes to the future of BMG, Ricardo Guimaraes continues to bank on firm and strong payroll loans as the main product offered by the bank.

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Source:  Agencia Estado


The BMG bank is one of the pioneer credit institutions in the Brazilian financial markets. The bank prides itself in the vast networks of customers and partners it has over a period of eight decades. BMG also has massive presence in international capital markets where they raise investment capital.
The last decade has seen an organizational culture change at BMG. Extensive market research and formulation of sustainable strategy have been put in place. The bank has taken steps to improve customer relations, and its branding power has grown. In return, the bank’s customer base has increased. The management cites the influence of the bank on the expanding credit access ratios in Brazil.
The acute administration of the bank over the past ten years stems from a desire to keep the bank at the core of Brazil’s financial markets. Indeed, Brazil’s economy is growing more steadily than ever. Inflation is uncommon in the country while the population continues experiencing better standards of life. Investors have been eyeing Brazil’s productive sectors. For BMG, the future must provide big business.

The marketing strategies at BMG have given the firm massive sales and publicity. The banks retail outlets numbering over 3,000 countrywide helps the bank extend its services. The bank contracts over 50,000 agents to improve its retail networks . The bank also applies new technologies and innovations in the banking sector keeping it updated on current trends. As a result, BMG stays ahead of the competition.
This publicity is also promoted by various social and sporting engagements that BMG sponsors. These sponsorships are just a small part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility practice. The bank shares a common value for cultural heritage with the Brazilian society.
They, therefore, promote cultural festivals. Sporting engagements such as soccer and volleyball are favorite past times for the Brazilian population. BMG sponsors such sports through various league teams in several tiers of the game. By so doing, the bank positions itself on a suitable platform for interaction with youths.
The visionary man behind the BMG revolution is Ricardo Guimaraes. He serves as the bank’s president and CEO. He started out at junior positions at BMG in the 1980’s and rose up the ranks. Mr.Guimaraes’ management skills have endeared him to the public, clients and partners. His galvanizing presence has given the bank’s operations some great traction. Today, BMG controls a significant share of the Brazilian financial markets.

Madison Street Capital Gets Nominated For The Annual M&A Advisor Awards

The Annual M&A Advisor Awards are here with us again for the 14th time, and the list of nominees is out. Madison Street Capital got nominated for the Cross-Border Deal of the Year.

This nomination was as a result of the FabTrol Systems acquisition by AVEVA, a transaction that was seen through by Madison Street Capital. The transaction was led by Senior Managing Directors, Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers.
According to, Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital was pleased and openly expressed his joy for their company’s recognition by other industry professionals. The recognition was as a result of the good work the company was undertaking on behalf of its customers. The deal has been regarded as a great one for AVEVA. FabTrol was a force to reckon with as far as the field of fabrication management software is concerned. As a result, this acquisition will push AVEVA’s ability product delivery to greater heights.
Madison Street Capital’s fate will be known on Tuesday 17th November, at the New York Athletic Club, where the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will be taking place. The M&A Advisor came into existence back in the year 1998, for the sole purpose of offering insights and intelligence regarding mergers and acquisitions activity. A premier network of professionals in M&A, Turnaround and Finance fields has been established in the 17 years the M&A Advisor has been in existence.
Madison Street Capital’s commitment to excellence, leadership, integrity, not forgetting service delivery has positioned the company to the status of an internationally recognized investment banking firm. A wide array of services both for publicly and privately owned businesses has been available from Madison Street Capital. These services include including financial opinions, valuation services, merger and acquisition expertise as well as corporate financial advisory services.
With the type of services on offer, as well as the company’s rich portfolio and track record in service delivery, Madison Street Capital positions itself in the global financial market, lining up its clients for greater success. The company takes the clients’ goals and objectives and treat them like their own, making it easy to deliver on customer satisfaction. Paying keen attention to emerging markets after realizing that they are the driving components of global growth has also positioned Madison Street Capital ahead of its peers.
The company has also gained trust from its clients globally. This is attributed to the high levels of professionalism in the way they conduct business. The strategy and confidence exhibited by the company also works wonders in attracting prospective clients. It is such attributes that earn Madison Street Capital its reputation and position in the global market and propel it to nominations such as the Annual M&A Advisor Awards.

Bruce Levenson Is a Skilled Businessman

One of the owners of the Atlanta Hawks is named Bruce Levenson. How he came to possess such great wealth and power is a very interesting tale. It was a long journey that had its beginnings in Maryland. The child of very demanding Jewish parents, Bruce knew that it would be difficult to please them. Although that was not the determining factor in why he made some of his biggest career decisions, Bruce has admitted that his parents’ opinion of him would often pop into his mind.

Bruce liked school from a very early age. When his friends wanted to play outside, Bruce would be reading the encyclopedia. This dedication to studying and hard work would serve Bruce very well later in his life when he was fully immersed in the business world. He would travel to St. Louis to attend Washington University for his undergrad studies. He loved his time at this school. The beautiful campus was the ideal learning environment. Graduating with a degree from such a prestigious private school gave Bruce many options in terms of the law schools he would be able to get into. He applied to a wide variety of law schools across the country. He decided on the law school located at American University.

Following law school, Bruce was not exactly sure how to use his law degree to get ahead. There were many career options for him to choose from. However, he was nervous about committing to something that would not hold his attention. Ed Peskowitz was a buddy of Bruce. They put their heads together and came up with an idea that made both of them very rich. They started to print a newsletter in Bruce’s apartment. It would list all of the most vital information going on in the oil industry. This was 1977, so reliable information was very hard to come by. This new venture by Levenson was dubbed United Communications Group (UCG). Thanks to the huge success of their first newsletter, they began publishing many other newsletters in a wide variety of industries. These were all equally as successful as their initial offering. Before too long, Levenson and Peskowitz were both very wealthy men.

His newfound wealth did not make Bruce any less ambitious. He was always on the lookout for new and exciting business opportunities. He was excited to hear that the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks would soon be on the market. After gathering all the wealthy people he knew into one room, Bruce gave his pitch about what a great investment buying the Hawks would be. He soon started to get many contributions from these people. When he determined he had enough money to make a serious bid on the Hawks, he made the offer official. Bruce’s team of investors eventually became the owners of the Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team. They would decide to sell the Thrashers because their portfolio was becoming a bit overloaded. After only a few years of ownership, Bruce and his investors made a nice profit on the Thrashers.

An Overview of Brian Torchin

Mashable told that Brian Torchin’s the managing director of the Healthcare Staffing Solutions Company. The Company markets employment opportunities in the medical sector and other health-care related firms. All employment seekers in the healthcare industry who wish to practice their skills approach Brian for career search and consultation services. Mr. Torchin is regarded as the most experienced professional whose role in the Healthcare recruitment counselors has resulted in tremendous growth. Colleagues and clients alike, who have interacted with him, describe him as a social person who is always ready to provide utmost comprehensive health care solutions to all. Besides, he is well known for his consistency in providing qualified individuals to any organizations seeking workforce.

Torchin is considered as detail-oriented professional with a positive outlook on business issues. These qualities have enabled him create long – term relationships with his individual clients and companies. He works to ensure the satisfaction of the wishes of the customers and employees while at the same time remain very ethical and professional. He has over 200 clients’ bases in Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States. He works with multiple and diverse organizations, enterprises, and groups involved in the medical care industry.

The majority of hospitals strive to integrate their services to shrink the costs and subsequently raise patients’ satisfaction. Torchin believes that being aligned with physicians with all types of specialties in a hospital is the first –class technique to increase the appreciation of the patients and, therefore, reducesrate of the re-admissions. Besides, staying at par with trends on competitive compensation is crucial for a health organization to be in a position to attract services and talents needed for growth and accurate compensation that maximize financial resources.

Since the inception of the firm, Torchin has been at the forefront in applying directive techniques, experience and consultation methods in providing healthcare services. In the end, his is to offer fast and efficient solutions to healthcare problems and be available at any time on clients’ request to fulfill their needs

Despite the busy care schedule, Torchin spares time to publish consistently informative articles on the blog of the firm. The articles posted are based on a broad array of topics such as online marketing, hiring medical practitioners, interview questions, and tips to hiring qualified employees.

No matter how the technology improves, human beings will forever need healing services. That is why Torchin was drawn to the profession and was overwhelmed with the desire to assist people with their afflictions. A career in medicine is not just about listening to people’s problems; it is a call that requires dedication. In one of the articles for the firm’s blog, Torchin advices young aspiring medical practitioners to find meaning in what they do.

The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge and its Crushing Impact on California Ski Resorts


Who is Andy?

Andrew “Andy” Wirth is the current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley, California. Utilizing over 25 years of mountain resort and hotel industrial work, he renovated the infrastructure and base area facilities and signed off on 70 million dollars in company upgrades. According to Wirth, “Squaw Valley moved from the bottom 20 percent of ski resorts into the top 20 percent over the year” due to customer satisfaction rates increasing under his management. In addition to tremendous business success, he was awarded the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award from the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees in 2012. Recently, he was recognized as Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA in 2014, reinforcing his positive reputation.

The Big Question

The distressing topic, How will The Drought Affect California Ski Resorts? was addressed by the California radio station KCRW in the program entitled “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” From the title, it is difficult to understand the impact a drought would have on a California ski resort if you are not in California or do not visit ski resorts in California; however, after listening to the audio program, Madeleine allows a multitude of listeners to be a part of the conversation and not only allows you to understand the significance the drought has had on Californian citizens, but also the impact it has had on ski resorts in the regions it effected.

Madeleine begins the program by mentioning the fact that Californians are forced to cut down their water usage by 27%, which is considerably lower than the recorded water usage two years prior to the drought. She states that the drought that has occurred is not only a large issue to Californian citizens, but the drought can affect large businesses such as ski resorts. In fact, she mentions that ski resorts in California have suffered greatly from the drought, stating that ski resorts are in their “driest winter in recorded history”—which forced many resorts to end their season early. Madeleine poses the question that perhaps many ski resort owners and businessmen alike want to know: What can Californian ski resorts do when faced with complications amplified by a drought?

The Drought and Winter

Brand turns to Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, for answers. She begins by asking a simple, yet relevant question: “How was your winter?” To this, Wirth answers with confidence, “it was tough.” He even chimes in by using the drought’s nickname, stating that meteorologists are calling the drought a “ridiculously resilient ridge.” He states the complications that arose due to the drought did have an impact on his business, mentioning the fact that ski visits were only 20% lower than last year; however, indicates that the drought did not halt his overall success.

When asked, “How many winters could his ski resort survive?” He replies, “An infinite number of them.” Wirth believes that his capital structure is solid enough to withstand any number of winters. Although, he wishes that conditions were as favorable as it would have been on an average year, but says that his ski business will remain profitable due to alternate opportunities that the business can explore.

Opportunistic Approach to Business is Key

To Wirth, taking advantage of opportunities is key to the success of his ski resort, especially when facing adverse weather conditions. He states that with a total of 6,000 acres, only 4,000 acres were utilized during the drought; but assured madeleine and listeners that the 4,000 acres can still provide more than enough skiing to be enjoyed by visitors. In addition, during the months of December and January, drought conditions were favorable enough to utilize artificially made snow.

The Future of Ski Resorts

When prompted with the idea of ski resorts potentially becoming extinct within the next 20 years, Wirth believes that he and many ski resort owners try to enhance their businesses by building their business models around summer visitations, summer activities, and events. As a businessman, he feels that it is of great importance for him to understand the relevance of meteorology and how his prior work as a resource manager can ultimately leave a positive legacy.

Haidar Barbouti Operating Out of Houston, Texas

As the the real estate and economic markets are being restored to where they were before the 2008 financial fall, a lot of investors and buyers are looking toward Houston, Texas. There are opportunities for both residential and commercial forms of property investing and ownership. The city has one of the largest amounts of land in the United States of America, with the whole metropolitan sectors being bigger than some other states. There are a variety of environmental options, including large open spaces, forests, and beaches. This land has attracted business owners and builders to stake a claim and begin settling in. As companies are created they are in need of employees to fill open positions. More employees generates the need for more space and buildings for work, not mentioning housing, roads, entertainment, and everything else necessary for a community to thrive. It is a profitable cycle for those who enter into the real estate market and it is currently flourishing in Houston, Texas.

The housing market within Houston, Texas has been steady for the past few years creating a feeling of economic security. New houses, town homes, apartments, and condominiums are being constructed all the time, increasing the options for new residents. Schools are also being enlarged and updated to have a higher capacity. This brings in more people and only benefits the real estate market. Unlike other states, Texas has a fairly low cost of living, even within the city of Houston itself. There has also been several reconstruction projects within the city itself. Buildings that are damaged or outdated in some way are getting a much needed face-lift which only adds to the value of the area.

Haidar Barbouti is a man that truly understands real estate markets from all over the world. He and his family have been working as property investors for decades with Haidar Barbouti being a force to be reckoned with. He began his legacy is 1986 and quickly rose to the top of commercial property field with his purchasing insight and his critical investing skills. He has guided the acquisition of hundreds of real estate investments and has personally overseen their operation and development. Haidar Barbouti does not leave any loose ends or only contribute half way with any of his properties. He likes to be in control and he likes to do what is best for the business and the community that it is a part of. His primary focus is on office buildings and shopping centers within Houston, Texas. In 1991 Haidar Barbouti purchace Highland Village and the bordering Oak Estates. CultureMap says that Haidar Barbouti has even added his own personal touch to the shopping center. He established the Highland Village Adoption Center and “Up Restaurant”.