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The Career and Accomplishments of Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a New York City resident and attorney plus capitalist, as his LinkedIn shows. He received a bachelors of arts with honors from the prestigious university of Oxford as well as Colombia University. Tabar was a valued editor of Columbia Business Law Review. In 2001 just after graduating from college, he became an associate of Skaden and Arps. Three years later he was promoted to managing director and co-leader of SPARX. In 2010 he went on to work as Leading Financial Manager for Bank of America Merril Lynch.

He is an expert in hedge funds and gives out great advice relating to investing. He invested in the startup company that helps women in Africa. He is also completely fluent in three languages including Japanese and French.

The company he invested in, THINKX, works to make fashionable underwear for women in Africa to help with menstruation. The underwear comes with disinfectant clothes to protect those that would normally have to stay home during this period. There are a total of five different models.

This business didn’t strike Tabar’s attention at first. He didn’t really want to take his time to consider this. The women who started it simply thought that he found out through some random mutual connection. Though after careful consideration, Tabar decided to read more into this startup business model. He became intrigued after seeing the success on kick starter and through various crowd financing platforms.

The startup company first appeared on kick starter trying to raise funds. Tabar feels that the company encourages people to not just think about themselves and focus more on global issues. Encouraging more to give back. What could feel better than helping out someone that is desperately in need across the world. The product is making a big difference to those women that can’t manage their menstruation cycles. The underwear product can also women to keep on with their lives when the cycle arrives. Now we works hard to support this business after seeing what it truly does.

Tabar has a career full of knowledge that proves he really understands the investment market from all his previous years experience with SPARX and capital strategies used in Merill. His top five skills come from management, strategy, mergers, and legal research. Basically anything that has to deal with finances or legal environments he could thrive in. His subtopics that he knows information about is corporate law, legal writings, and commercial litigation. During his free time he likes to host events and travel the world. Make sure to follow Sam on Twitter if you would like to keep up on his career.