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Tycoon Real Estate is in the Beginning Stages

A handful of five real estate firms have come together recently to announce the obtaining of the asset Typhoon Real Estate, a California-based business. The group plans to manage and modernize the organization. Tycoon gained some fame after its CEO was on Shark Tank not too long ago.

The purchase of this Tycoon Real Estate investment is the first ever asset obtained by a group of companies known as Homeowner preservation, Patch of Land, Peer Realty, CrowdFranchise, and EquityRoots. They did not given out any financial related information about the deal. The only thing we know it that the transaction was made in all cash.

The large free awareness relating to Tycoon from Shark Tank was great. While they didn’t get the best deal from Shark Tank, they are looking to move forward and prove the doubters wrong. They are looking to set people straight on the ACT and SEC regulations relating to crowdfunds of hundreds of millions of dollars in the real estate sector. The obtaining of Tycoon real estate is planning on being used to transform into an unique educational experience for all. The education would be used to prove why the sharks were wrong about the industry.

The new SEC approval effective as of October 30th sets new standards for allowing crowdfunding to non-accredited investors. The CEO has stated that they are excited to be working with other platforms sharing the same vision and goals. It is a great way to be involved positively in the community.

Tycoon Real Estate is in the beginning stages of business in the crowdfunding market. They have offered both local residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities. The company has gained more worldwide attention through the Shark Tank which is exactly what they wanted to happen. While the Shark’s failed to grasp the potential around the market, McDaniel still believes in the vision. Five years after the Shark Tank visit, five crowdfunding firms are looking to fully grasp Tycoon.

The crowdfunding platform allows communities to invest in and manage worldwide franchises they think would be successful. Initially growing brands and start-ups would benefit from the community motto.

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