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Quadruple Rainbows Spotted

Many people around the world have never seen a single rainbow let alone four in close proximity of one another. On Tuesday, April 21, commuter Amanda Curtis caught sight of a quadruple reflected rainbow event while waiting for her morning train at the Long Island, New York Glen Cove station near Madison Street Capital. Curtis shared a picture of the rainbows on Twitter and other social media and it soon became viral across numerous social networks and news outlets.

This type of rare rainbow event occurs when a large reflective body of water exists behind the person observing the rainbows. In this case, Amanda Curtis was standing in front of Oyster Bay between the bay and the spot where she saw the four rainbows.

Rainbows form as the result of an optical illusion that occurs when sunlight is reflected off of water droplets in the air at an angle that refracts the light creating a “prism” effect of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV) colors in a striped pattern. A wide variety of rainbow events can occur. There are double and triple rainbow events, twinned rainbows that seem to start at the same point, full circle rainbows and supernumerary stacked rainbows. Rainbows can also appear to look different in their color and distribution. One or more rainbows during an event can appear as shades of red or completely white. Some rainbows can also appear foggy.

Live Better with Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics

There are a lot of ways for anyone to feel better with themselves. There are even movements and breathing exercises that will help the brain to work better. You may wonder what you can do in order to ensure the best health possible. It’s simple really, just breathe.

Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics (best known for Healing ADD in 30 Days) has sighted the benefits of breathing better for your health. His research proves that a person can simply breathe better to help reduce stress and change the way they are thinking. This breathing is best able to help you not feel the stress you may be feeling if even for a little while. The technique is rather simple and involves breathing in for five seconds, holding the breath for two seconds and letting it out slowly. This is a large part of stress relief for many people.

Another way to reduce stress and help you live longer is to do body movements such as Yoga. According to Amen this will help you to change the way your mind uses information and may help you to think better and be stronger. Many see a huge change in who they are by the time they are well into their Yoga routine. You will have to do it for more than one day in order to feel the effects, but it can be done and does help a lot.

If you want to feel better, there is no better way than by following what Amen has laid out. Follow this link to see what else he can tell you to live a better more healthy life.

Sleep Disorder Linked to Dementia

A recent study reported that poor or lack of sleep in older adults can be linked to some changes in the brain, which is associated to dementia.

One of my LinkedIn connections, Terry Richardson shared a post on how researchers were conducting a study on a group of men who went through sleep tests in 1999. Most of the group died in 2010.

Their autopsy revealed that those who have high one-quarter of sleep duration and 95 percent of oxygen saturation were four times more likely to have increased levels of micro-infarcts, a small area of dead tissue in the brain caused by blood supply loss, compared to those who have low one-quarter sleep duration.

Compared to those who have 25 percent of deep (slow wave) sleep duration, those in high one-quarter were three times more likely to have a moderate to high level of brain atrophy, in a general sense.

Dr. Rebecca Gelber, the lead author and epidemiologist at Veterans Administration in Hawaii, said that there were numerous previous studies that prove the link between various types of sleep disorder and dementia. The lesions found in the brain explain the link between the two.

Dog Love = Healthier Life?

A recent pet ownership study stated that people who own dogs walk an hour more per week than people that do not own dogs. Also, when a dog’s owner gives the directive by the veterinarian to get their overweight pup more exercise, the owner also sees this as an opportunity to get in shape.

Tom Rothman says love for our pets can be a huge motivator in helping ourselves. Whether it’s getting healthier or getting more exercise. Our concern for our pets well being can make us lace up our shoes on the cold, November morning and walk a mile in the frosty air just to make sure they live a longer life. 

I do not own a dog, but I see the very real importance of this article. After all, if we are willing to walk for our dog’s health, shouldn’t we be willing to walk for our own health?