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A Drone Ruins A Couples Wedding Video

A couple was taking aerial shots of their wedding, but it was just the two of them in the middle of a field. The photos would’ve been absolutely beautiful, and the video should’ve been perfect as well. A Drone Ruins A Wedding Shot. A photographer decided to use a drone to capture the video of the couple while they hugged and kissed, and it started out very well. The drone zoomed in and around the couple, showing a great aerial view of the beautiful moments. Things got out of hand when the drone started going further and further back until the couple was out of sight, and then the drone ended up in a tree.

Unfortunately, the drone ruined a perfectly good moment, and the couple will never be able to get it back. Although the video at the beginning turned out very well, the ending was just a mess, and the couple has the drone to thank for it. Brad Reifler ( knows that drones have been in the news a lot lately because at least a couple of them have landed on the White House lawn, or they have been flown over the White House. Some have been arrested, or they’ve gotten into a lot of trouble for flying drones near the White House.

Drones are legal to have, and all you need is a remote control to fly one over a specific location. Although the drones are not armed, it wouldn’t be wise to fly them over government buildings because you may face charges.

Dog Kept as Prisoner of War in World War II Given Medal

Some stories fill your heart with sadness and joy all at the same time in a way that hurts you and leaves you glad for the happy ending that occurred. One dog was deemed responsible for the survival of men held captive as prisoners of war in Sumatra in a secret camp with horrific living conditions. In Asian countries where dogs were frequently eaten, her survival was a miracle in itself.

The dog called “Judy” was first seen when men in the camp were starving and had secretly stolen a bag of rice as a way to add to their meager rations. Judy ran in front of Asian officers holding a human skull when they were about to beat the prisoners of war. The officers took it as a sign and left the prisoners alone. She became friends with a prisoner named Frank Williams who was a leading aircraftman at the time of his capture. They struck up a bond like no other.

Williams pleaded with Asian officials to have her deemed an official prisoner of war to prevent others from shooting her under the Geneva Convention regulations. They allowed it, and Judy went on to save others from drowning in a ship wreck, lifted the moral of others, and helped many survive when they didn’t have the will any longer. Judy learned to survive off the land, eating snakes and rodents to sustain her. Frank would often give her part of his food rations to help her. For her heroic actions, she was given a Dicken medal, a high honor unusual for a dog to have.

Thanks for sending me this Ricardo Tosto… I’m in tears now, so freaking sweet!

Oil Train Bursts Into Flames Outside of Bismarck, North Dakota

FreedomPop said that about twenty residents in the town of Heimdal North Dakota had to be evacuated from their homes today after an oil train derailed and exploded causing a massive shock wave that could be felt all the way in Bismarck. Officials are still suppressing the fire and investigators are at the scene to assess the degree of the spill. It is unsure how much of the fuel was consumed in the fireball and how much was spilled onto the ground.

There is no report that any toxic chemicals were on board the train or were involved in the derailment. The remoteness of the town of Heimdal and the small population was a primary reason no casualties were reported. The derailment happened in the early morning hours this Thursday. State transportation officials do believe that the scene will be secured before the end of the day and residents will be able to return home today as well. The timing to remove the derailed cars from the train is another question has the track will need to be repaired and heavy equipment will need to be brought in to lift the overturned cars.

In addition, any remaining fuel will also have to be collected and investigators for the state and federal Environmental Protection Agency will be on hand to asses any damage to the environment. The cause of the derailment is under investigation but law enforcement officials do not believe this was a terrorist event. Train Bursts Into Flames In North Dakota

Quadruple Rainbows Spotted

Many people around the world have never seen a single rainbow let alone four in close proximity of one another. On Tuesday, April 21, commuter Amanda Curtis caught sight of a quadruple reflected rainbow event while waiting for her morning train at the Long Island, New York Glen Cove station near Madison Street Capital. Curtis shared a picture of the rainbows on Twitter and other social media and it soon became viral across numerous social networks and news outlets.

This type of rare rainbow event occurs when a large reflective body of water exists behind the person observing the rainbows. In this case, Amanda Curtis was standing in front of Oyster Bay between the bay and the spot where she saw the four rainbows.

Rainbows form as the result of an optical illusion that occurs when sunlight is reflected off of water droplets in the air at an angle that refracts the light creating a “prism” effect of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV) colors in a striped pattern. A wide variety of rainbow events can occur. There are double and triple rainbow events, twinned rainbows that seem to start at the same point, full circle rainbows and supernumerary stacked rainbows. Rainbows can also appear to look different in their color and distribution. One or more rainbows during an event can appear as shades of red or completely white. Some rainbows can also appear foggy.

Invited by Mistake

There are people who like to try to sneak into meetings, especially meetings that involve politicians. One man was at a meeting with President Obama, but he claims that it was an accident. The meeting was about clean energy, and there were few people in attendance. There was one man who was wearing a white shirt and sitting at the head of the table. He didn’t appear to belong with the others in the meeting by the look on his face. The reason he was at the meeting was because he was invited by accident. Behance says this shows that some of the people who are handling paperwork in Washington don’t pay attention to what they do in the office. If they can randomly send an invitation to a man who doesn’t belong in the White House, then what would happen if they were to send an invitation to someone who perhaps had a gun and wanted to cause serious damage? Fortunately, nothing out of the ordinary happened, and maybe the man learned something about energy.