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Skout App Connects Travelers

Are you someone who travels quite a bit? Do you like to connect with local people in the cities you visit to get tips, take in the culture and know the best places to eat and to visit? You can get the very best out of your vacation or your work trip by getting the insider view of a city with the help of people who live there. But how can you do that?

Travelers who are looking for ways to connect can do so through a new app called Skout. The app, which is compatible with iOS devices and can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple app store, is set up to allow travelers to search for locals to meet based upon a city search.

Interestingly, since the Skout app launched, its use has expanded significantly among online users who have downloaded it. Christian Wiklund, Skout’s chief executive, recently told The New York Times that travelers are now using the app to make decisions about where they will take their vacations. Is this a dating app for travelers? Not necessarily, but it is reflective of a social media world in which many users have few qualms about meeting people online and taking that meeting to the next level — even going so far as plan a vacation where their new online friend resides.

Skout representatives say that since the travel feature launched last year, more than 10 million people have used it, and the company expects growth to only increase as more people discover the app and give into their wanderlust for traveling.

Are you ready to add a little interest and charm to your next vacation or work trip? Do you want to meet new friends and experience the local culture in only the way a local can show you? If you are ready to combine your loves of making new friends and traveling, then the new Skout app may offer you something unique and refreshing. But as with all online activity, be careful with who connect with and decide to meet up with. Skout doesn’t vet their users, so you literally are making online friends with anyone in the world — and traveling — at your own risk. Have a great vacation and enjoy seeing the insider view of the destinations you visit tis year. Good luck and have fun!