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A Drone Ruins A Couples Wedding Video

A couple was taking aerial shots of their wedding, but it was just the two of them in the middle of a field. The photos would’ve been absolutely beautiful, and the video should’ve been perfect as well. A Drone Ruins A Wedding Shot. A photographer decided to use a drone to capture the video of the couple while they hugged and kissed, and it started out very well. The drone zoomed in and around the couple, showing a great aerial view of the beautiful moments. Things got out of hand when the drone started going further and further back until the couple was out of sight, and then the drone ended up in a tree.

Unfortunately, the drone ruined a perfectly good moment, and the couple will never be able to get it back. Although the video at the beginning turned out very well, the ending was just a mess, and the couple has the drone to thank for it. Brad Reifler ( knows that drones have been in the news a lot lately because at least a couple of them have landed on the White House lawn, or they have been flown over the White House. Some have been arrested, or they’ve gotten into a lot of trouble for flying drones near the White House.

Drones are legal to have, and all you need is a remote control to fly one over a specific location. Although the drones are not armed, it wouldn’t be wise to fly them over government buildings because you may face charges.