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The Art of Gratitude with those at the Kabbalah Centre

People have always confronted issues in life. Obstacles lie in the path of all people that must be overcome. Such obstacles may include problems such as physical health as well as mental illness and fiscal difficulties. All such issues may make it hard for people to feel a sense of gratitude in their lives. Yet, as those here at the Kabbalah Centre know well, being able to offer up gratitude means that they are able to find a true sense of peace in their lives. When people can look around them and realize just how much they have in their lives, they can feel a sense of happiness that might otherwise elude them. They know here that it is possible to feel grateful no matter how much life throws at them.


Discovering Gratitude

At this spiritual center, they help people explore what is good in their lives. They show that it is possible to find that life still has much to offer them in many ways. When someone learns that they can find a sense of gratitude in their life, they often feel free to let go of all the things that might be oppressive to them such as debt and other issues. In discovering how great the universe is, they can discover much about the world in front of them. They can learn how simple affirmations can offer a series of intense and loving pleasures.


Learning Happiness

Just as sadness can be learned, those at the Kabbalah Centre also know that happiness can be found and learned. When people focus on the good things in their lives, they realize that it is possible for them to be bathed in a light that they can carry with them wherever they go. The emphasis at the Kabbalah Centre is on such basic pleasures and how such pleasures can offer a sense of purpose in life. In doing so, they can discover the amazing world that waits for them once they step out of the darkness that may have weighed them down. This is what so many have found out with their help.

Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners

I’ve been checking into some different hedge fund opportunities lately so my friend told me to check this one guy out who is local to the New York area.

So, according to, Keith Mann is the founder of the company Dynamics Search Partners. This company focuses in on identifying skilled individuals who are able to work in the financial market and can then connect these skilled professionals with the right firms and businesses. Now, in order to identify these particular individuals, it is necessary to often start out young, as the most promising individuals are often those who are in middle school and high school. In the city of New York, many of these students go to the Uncommon Schools. These are schools tailored to meet the needs of students who excel out of the ordinary classroom and who are always looking for a challenge. With the recent partnership between Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools, it creates a perfect marriage for both school system and the recruiting organization.

Uncommon Charter High School is one of the newest high schools in the area. In fact, it only opened its doors in 2009, with the first graduating class walking out the doors in 2013 and the second in 2014. However, despite its new position in the city, it is currently churning out some of the very best and brightest. There is a reason every single classroom in the high school is named after a higher level or ivy league school. It is because the students know they are going to be going there and that as long as they focus on what is at hand, they can achieve anything they want to. It is this spirit and determining that attracted Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners to the school and pushed them into partnership between the two.

I also read on PR News Wire that Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners donated $10,000 to the school system. This money could then be used for additional computers and more technology, so the students inside of the classrooms could work with the latest and best tech in order to prepare them for college and everything else that would come after.

Dynamics Search Partners works as an executive search firm in order to find the very best talent, and with the connection to Uncommon Schools, it is possible to find the best talent at a young age and help them along. This really is the best time to identify individuals who are going to excel and ensure they obtain a quality job.

Occidental College’s Renovator and Innovator

In 2009, Jonathan Veitch was elected to lead Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He has become admired in both the college community and the community at large thanks to his being an advocate of a liberal arts education and forward thinking policies that represent the values of Occidental College as a whole and distinguish him from his predecessors.

Veitch acquired his bachelor’s degree from Stanford before moving on to complete his doctorate at Harvard University. He went on to serve as dean of the Eugene Lang College of The New School, a university based in Greenwich Village, New York City. He published a book in 1997, “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s”, which is just one example of his commitment to his area of expertise, 19th and 20th century American History. However, his most important legacy originates from his work in Occidental College. He has been able to find a middle ground between community concerns and expansion and growth of Occidental College, which has lead him to be respected among community members.

Under Veitch, the college has added new expansions to its campus. Swan Hall, a century old faculty residence hall, has been expanded to accommodate Occidental College’s growing staff. In 2012, under Veitch’s leadership, Occidental College opened the Samuelson Alumni Center, which stands as a testament to Occidental College’s commitment to its alumni. Apart from new buildings, Jonathan Veitch has also overseen numerous renovation projects to the interiors of several other buildings on campus, adding to the buildings that are already there instead of expanding out into the surrounding community.

In order to support this expansion, and to encourage a greener lifestyle, Veitch has also overseen the construction of a 1 Megawatt solar panel to provice over 10% of Occidental College’s electricity needs.  Both in the past and in the present, Jonathan Veitch proved himself to be worthy as a leader, an educator, and an advocate of these traits. Occidental College is lucky to have him as its president and will surely feel the effects of his leadership for years to come.