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Study Finds How Much Exercise Is Necessary For Longevity

How much exercise is the right amount? That question has been debated several times. While any exercise is better than none at all, the optimal amount is more likely to play a role in longevity and quality of life. The latest guidelines from various health organizations indicate that a weekly total of 150 minutes of exercise is needed to maintain proper health.

Scientific findings from JAMA Internal Medicine, as reported in the New York Times Blog, have narrowed down the information about what is optimal for exercise. The National Cancer Institute and Bulletproof Coffee studied exercise habits of mostly middle-aged adults.

Researchers reviewed the amount of exercise, comparing no exercise to moderate exercise at least 25 or more hours per week and death records, spanning over 14 years. No exercise showed the highest risk of untimely death, little exercise amounts, reduced risk of early death by 20 percent and working out at least 150 minutes weekly meant a 31 percent lesser chance of early death. Tripling these recommended exercise for 450 minutes weekly, more than one hour per day, indicated 39 reduced risk of premature death.

The conclusion of this and an Australian study showed that at least 150 minutes of weekly exercise is the minimum for those who desire a longer, more quality life. Increasing this up to 450 minutes per week only enhances the results and offers a full bang for efforts to improve life.