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Breast Cancer Society Named Among Fraud Organizations

The FCC announced that four national Breast Cancer charities are frauds, and their schemes pulled in over $187 million tax-free funds.

The phone calls requesting money for dying patients, and unaffordable pain medication was pocketed.

Donations went towards luxurious perks for the executives, like Caribbean cruises, and Disney World, and all the millions meant for cancer patients was squandered.

To capitalize on their opportunities, the organizations hired professional fundraisers, who were often paid up to 85% of each contribution.

According to Jaime Garcia Dias, the fraudulent charities include:

  • The Children’s Cancer Fund of America
  • Cancer Fund of America
  • The Breast Cancer Society
  • Cancer Support Services

Attorney Generals in every state have filed lawsuits, and two organizations have already agreed to repay $137 million, and cease further operations.

The Breast Cancer Society blames the government for burdensome regulations. On their website, Executive Director, James Reynolds II writes, they will continue the Hope Supply, another charity run by the Breast Cancer Society, that has not been named in the sham.