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Impacting the Health Sector Positively Using Technology

The health industry is a sensitive industry because it deals with the health of people. The society is interested in products that are helpful and are easy to use. This is because the cost of health care services has increased with time. The health service providers have increased their cost as well. This led to the need for new products in the health industry. The development of new cases in the health industry has increased the demand for new products. Technological advancement is a solution to the health industry.


Technological advancement like Facebook has enabled the development of different new products. These products facilitate easy and fast mode of understanding the health of an individual. People get to understand the solutions that they can use to improve their health. Jim Tananbaum is an investor and a creator. He has invested in the health industry. James Tananbaum has developed products that influence the health industry positively. This is because these products can improve the health of people and enhance them to understand themselves. His innovation has enabled the development of the health industry. JimTananbaum’s innovative products have been embraced in different hospitals. This implies that his products are quality products.


Tanabaum has served in different advisory boards. This has developed his innovative nature because he has firsthand information with the felt needs of the consumers. This enables him to create products that are vital for the development of the health industry. His contribution in the industry has enabled him to be recognized as one of the most promising innovators on the Midas list of Forbes for three consecutive years. He has also developed a company that is set to offer assistance to young innovators in the health sector economically.


The people in the society need products that can help them to live life in a better and convenient manner. The new development of consumers in health products has changed the products that the consumers need. Different innovators should create products that fit these new needs. This will enable people to understand their health better and encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst individuals.

The Midas Legacy Achievements

The Midas Legacy focuses on wealth building and healthy living. The company found in Winter Garden Florida is a consultancy firm that deals with giving advice to better the lives of its customers and secure a better future for them. Midas have a wide variety of clients from upcoming Entrepreneurs, Investors, and people seeking to retire early. All these people seek, for one thing, to live a happy, peaceful life with a secure and assured stability financially.

Midas Legacy is a firm with a good number of experts whose desire and goal is to better the lives of the clients from personal life experiences or from ideas they have learned over the long years of service. Midas seek to offer quality and excellent services to the people especially those located in neighboring areas and others in different areas. The Midas Legacy primary goal is you help her clients achieve their desired types of success which differ from one person to another. It thus accomplishes its mission by offering capital to members who have a vision of positively changing not only their lives but the lives of others by creating job opportunities and taking part in community social responsibilities.

The process of facilitating a client’s success begins when they consult the company by the issuing of a guide known as the Midas code. The members are guided into the different business sectors that are conducted by top Midas employees who are people that have made it big in various fields. The experts in Midas include successful authors, leading investors in stock market, tycoon entrepreneurs, and professionals in many other fields.

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Midas Legacy – About Us

Experts such as Jim Samson, who is a publisher is a wealthy individual in entrepreneurship trading, and book writing has over twenty years of experience in real estate. Because of being in this markets for long he can advise clients when to invest and on what venture to invest in. This ensures that the customers do not make wrong choices in their investments and that they get positive results in the things they invest in. He also offers advice on things the clients can invest in, therefore, providing long-term returns and secures the future of the clients.

Other experts include Sean Bower, who is a chief editor and Mark Edwards, a specialist in natural health. Together with other experts at The Midas Legacy, they ensure that the financial future of the clients at all levels are taken care of.

In conclusion Midas Legacy just like its name is a firm that is aimed at leaving a legacy with the services they provide and have helped very many individuals over time making them the best consultancy firm for all persons of all walks of life.

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Igor Cornelsen Investing in the future

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor with a history in banking many years of experience and success. He spends his time split between Brazil and South Florida and since his retirement he has focused on his golf game when he is not keeping an eye on his investments. Even with the economic issues of 2014 Brazils top banks still had an increase in their profits. Mr. Cornelsen‘s position is the companies worked the markets on The Companies chose clients who were worth the risk to begin with. He goes on to say that high risk customers will have even more trouble finding backers. Mr. Cornelsen also calls for more transparency and a market reform in Brazil’s banking industry.

Brazil is ripe for investment even with an overall economic slump the raw materials of expansion are readily available. Many international investors are keeping an eye on the markets of Brazil with an eye to the future. Before anyone invests they need to make sure they know the basics. Know who the leaders are such as in Brazil certain banks are the key players. Also Know that Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world. Don’t always rely on the past new policies may make all the difference. In this case watch Brazil’s top trade partners if they are doing well so will Brazil. Focus on actual goods and services over money markets.

The world is looking at Brazil with the draw of international sporting events such as the Olympics in summer of2016 and the world cup. Brazil has revalued their money and is forming new rules to grow their economy. After the troubles of the last few years the country is now going in a different direction. The choice to focus on available resources and production instead of overinflated assumptions is making all the difference.

Igor Cornelsen on resume has become an expert in commodities, foreign exchange, and the Brazilian stock market. He was originally in the banking trade and through his personal success has moved into an investor’s position. Cornelsen has managed a few of the top banks in Brazil in the past. Currently Mr. Igor Cornelsen is using his experience in banking and the markets to consult others on investing. He is an established investor. Cornelsen likes to focus on long term investments. He is also looking into future ways to use the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen is coming to be respected even on the international stage for his knowledge and expertise in money management and investing. He has even appeared on CNBC giving insight into international investing. He now spends half of his time in the United States and the other half at home in Brazil.

Madison Street Capital Gets Nominated For The Annual M&A Advisor Awards

The Annual M&A Advisor Awards are here with us again for the 14th time, and the list of nominees is out. Madison Street Capital got nominated for the Cross-Border Deal of the Year.

This nomination was as a result of the FabTrol Systems acquisition by AVEVA, a transaction that was seen through by Madison Street Capital. The transaction was led by Senior Managing Directors, Karl D’Cunha and Jay Rodgers.
According to, Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital was pleased and openly expressed his joy for their company’s recognition by other industry professionals. The recognition was as a result of the good work the company was undertaking on behalf of its customers. The deal has been regarded as a great one for AVEVA. FabTrol was a force to reckon with as far as the field of fabrication management software is concerned. As a result, this acquisition will push AVEVA’s ability product delivery to greater heights.
Madison Street Capital’s fate will be known on Tuesday 17th November, at the New York Athletic Club, where the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will be taking place. The M&A Advisor came into existence back in the year 1998, for the sole purpose of offering insights and intelligence regarding mergers and acquisitions activity. A premier network of professionals in M&A, Turnaround and Finance fields has been established in the 17 years the M&A Advisor has been in existence.
Madison Street Capital’s commitment to excellence, leadership, integrity, not forgetting service delivery has positioned the company to the status of an internationally recognized investment banking firm. A wide array of services both for publicly and privately owned businesses has been available from Madison Street Capital. These services include including financial opinions, valuation services, merger and acquisition expertise as well as corporate financial advisory services.
With the type of services on offer, as well as the company’s rich portfolio and track record in service delivery, Madison Street Capital positions itself in the global financial market, lining up its clients for greater success. The company takes the clients’ goals and objectives and treat them like their own, making it easy to deliver on customer satisfaction. Paying keen attention to emerging markets after realizing that they are the driving components of global growth has also positioned Madison Street Capital ahead of its peers.
The company has also gained trust from its clients globally. This is attributed to the high levels of professionalism in the way they conduct business. The strategy and confidence exhibited by the company also works wonders in attracting prospective clients. It is such attributes that earn Madison Street Capital its reputation and position in the global market and propel it to nominations such as the Annual M&A Advisor Awards.