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The Big Business of Dog Foods

Dog foods have never had so much focus placed upon them. In the most recent ten years, consumers have become more educated about animal rights and activism, thanks to social media. While this has been a great thing for the welfare of animals around the world, it has also created a niche for high end pet foods who play on the emotions of pet owners.

Leading consumers to believe that their dog simply will not survive without roasted duck or flax seed, these companies have engaged in a bit of anthropomorphism. Your dog is not a human and doesn’t view food as a human does. Nor do dogs need to eat foods full of the things that would not be found in their natural diet, should they live in the wild.

The fact is that there are many good foods out there, which are not considered ‘high end,’ which is truly the equivalent of over-priced. You shouldn’t feel that if you cannot afford a $50 bag of dog food that you are doing anything wrong. Your dog can have his or her nutritional needs met with foods that are readily available at your local grocery stores. Foods such as Beneful, from Purinastore, will meet your pet’s nutritional needs and also tastes so good that you’ll never worry about whether or not that they are enjoying their meals.

In fact, Beneful comes in several different varieties so that young pups and senior citizens are all getting what they need from the food that they are eating. You can choose from dry and wet formulas and a variety of flavors. You’ll never worry about whether your pet is enjoying the food because the empty bowl is evidence that they are. You can certain that they are being supplemented properly as evidenced by their skin, coat and nails. Don’t feel that you need to take a mortgage for proper pet nutrition.