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Shared Office Space Makes It Easy To Find New York Offices For Rent

Why are people finding coworking spaces more compelling and effective than traditional offices? How much more could be accomplished if office spaces were redesigned?

Introducing coworking spaces, a new and innovative membership-based workspace where people from a whole host of backgrounds, companies, and professions happily gather to work. People and companies who utilize these spaces find that they are worth their weight in gold.

In contrast to traditional offices where everyone is working for the same company, promotion, and or lead, shared office spaces offer less pressure and competition. This, in turn, reduces stress load by allowing workers to better define themselves and what they do. In conversations with other workers, they are able to talk passionately about their work, collaborate, and generate fresh ideas. Time in the office instantly becomes more productivity and meaningful. The Coworking Manifesto which has been signed by people all over the world outlines the great benefits of these spaces. The use of shared office spaces is a movement toward community, collaboration, and sustainability. Not to mention, that workers in these environments are often freer to decide when they want to work (24/7 access), where (quiet or more collaborative spaces within the space), and with whom they would like to work.

Those interested in New York shared office space have to check out Workville. Workville is a unique centrally located New York-based coworking space. Workville boasts a wide variety of work and break areas as well as amenities available to its members. When securing membership, workers have their pick of move-in ready offices, shared offices, and open desks. Workers are also able to make use of the spacious café, lounge, and three beautiful outdoor terraces. With Workville members are able to afford workplace luxuries they probably would not be able to otherwise. In addition, Workville also prides itself in offering a curated value-driven events calendar that will help its members expand not only their network but also their knowledge basis.

Fast internet, mail service, 24/7 access, coffee, private phones, printers, and daily cleaning come standard at Workville. Imagine being excited to go into the office. Imagine how a hospitable environment and collaboration might fuel your business or latest project to new heights. Imagine what you could accomplish by joining Workville.

Collaboration, innovate, and hospitality make Workville a premier coworking office space. Workville founders want to help you ratchet up your creativity and productivity by finding an office space that meets both your needs and your budget. Welcome to the future of work spaces, welcome to Workville.

Live Better with Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics

There are a lot of ways for anyone to feel better with themselves. There are even movements and breathing exercises that will help the brain to work better. You may wonder what you can do in order to ensure the best health possible. It’s simple really, just breathe.

Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics (best known for Healing ADD in 30 Days) has sighted the benefits of breathing better for your health. His research proves that a person can simply breathe better to help reduce stress and change the way they are thinking. This breathing is best able to help you not feel the stress you may be feeling if even for a little while. The technique is rather simple and involves breathing in for five seconds, holding the breath for two seconds and letting it out slowly. This is a large part of stress relief for many people.

Another way to reduce stress and help you live longer is to do body movements such as Yoga. According to Amen this will help you to change the way your mind uses information and may help you to think better and be stronger. Many see a huge change in who they are by the time they are well into their Yoga routine. You will have to do it for more than one day in order to feel the effects, but it can be done and does help a lot.

If you want to feel better, there is no better way than by following what Amen has laid out. Follow this link to see what else he can tell you to live a better more healthy life.