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Darius Fisher is Helping Companies Manage Their Reputation

The world is growing increasingly connected. In the early nineties, very few people had access to the internet, but as time has gone one technology has opened up a world of possibilities across the globe. The invention of the smartphone has truly globalized the internet with many people now accessing the internet exclusively from their mobile phone. With most people in the developed world now having access to the internet, companies have had to pay greater attention to their online reputation. Today, people are often looking up a company before they ever set foot in the door, and they are deciding then whether they wish to associate with the business. This means that a company that appears to have a good reputation online, is much more likely to receive business than one that appears to have a bad reputation, or doesn’t have a reputation at all.
Over the last few years many companies have started to notice the effect that online reviews can have on their business. To make matters worse for those that are running a business, these online reviews are not always accurate, but always have an impact. The impact that online reviews can have on a business is commonly referred to as the megaphone effect. This effect is quite large with nine in ten consumers saying that they regularly check the internet before they decide to check out a business.
Because the megaphone effect has grown so large many businesses are now looking to manage their online reputation. There are many ways in which companies may do this, including regularly checking their online profiles, as well as regularly checking out the way they are treated on industry leading sites. These steps have become critical to the survival of any company.
In some cases people and businesses must hire somebody to help fix their reputation. One of the leading names in the world of Online Reputation Management is Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher works for Status Labs, which is based out of Austin. The company specializes in helping high profile figures manage and revitalize their online reputation. Over the years the company has helped to save the career of many high profile figures. Darius Fisher in particular is one of the leaders in this industry and he has helped to come up with new and effective methods to ensure that businesses have the reputation they desire.
Managing ones online reputation is extremely critical to success, and in order to do so, many companies must hire someone to manage their reputation.