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Ex-Employee Claims Organic Chicken Labels were Falsified

It’s the story of little David against the Big Corporate Giant. Vashti Dalipsingh liked her job as manager at Cericola Farms Inc. in Ontario, Canada, but she knew something was not right. After reviewing some of the company’s records, Dalipsingh discovered that documents had been falsified and chicken that was labeled as being organic really wasn’t. When she told her findings to a senior supervisor she was warned that if she said anything more about the issue she would be the one implicated as the wrong doer.
Dalipsingh didn’t heed the warning of her senior supervisor as was stated on She felt that if she spoke up and made the company owners aware of what was going on things would change. The only thing that changed was her employment status. She was fired from her management position at Cericola Farms and has now filed a lawsuit against the company in Supreme Court. Dalipsingh has filed a claim that alleges wrongful dismissal and is suing for damages, both punitive and aggravated.
Dalipsingh alleges that poultry arriving at the processing plant had code numbers changed to read that they were organic when if fact they were not. The high demand for organic chicken made the product in short supply, so documents were falsified to help meet the demand. The company records of the falsification practices Dalipsingh allegedly discovered dated back 8 months.

The Bulletproof Breakfast of Champions

They say coffee is the breakfast of champions. If that is the case, Bulletproof Coffee is breakfast fit for a King. Bulletproof Coffee is the drink for 2015 and beyond.

Bulletproof Coffee is more than just an average cup of Joe. In fact they say you can drink Bulletproof Coffee rather than eat breakfast. It is touted to eliminate food cravings, improve your thinking ability and help you lose weight. What’s not to love about that?

How can a coffee beverage promise all these things? According to Dave Asprey, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, it has to do with the ingredients. Watch on YouTube as Asprey adds two or more tablespoons unsalted grass-fed butter to the coffee drink. He also adds up to 2 tablespoons triglyceride oil as well. The addition of the fat added to Bulletproof Coffee tallies up 460 calories per cup. He believes the fat added to the coffee is healthy.

Although the thought of adding fat to a drink sounds gross, celebrities like Madonna report to that Bulletproof Coffee tastes similar to a creamy latte. Asprey believes the fat and caffeine together make his body and brain work more efficiently. Another addition to this concoction is a pharmaceutical product called Aniracetam. Aniracetam is believed to help the brain think clearer and quicker. It is a sort of fountain of youth for the brain.

Asprey has spent the past 15 years looking at his diet, and trying new foods to see how he felt. He also spent his own money on brain scans and other medical tests, to try and figure out how diet affects cognition. He concludes Bulletproof Coffee fits in with a paleo diet, which he believes is healthy.

Bulletproof Coffee is the latest coffee craze. It might also be the latest diet craze as well. People are trying it to see what they think. Look for it in a coffee shop or store near you.