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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Will Build Hyperloop Test Track In California

Space X is building a hyperloop, a futuristic tube that can hypothetically move people and cargo 760 miles per hour. Space X’s CEO, Elon Musk, had conceived the hyperloop and now wants to actually build one. Space X will therefore build a one-to-three mile long hyperloop test track near their headquarters in Hawthorne, California. They also plan to test the technology within a year.

The hyperloop would be a steel tube that is partly pressurized. The “pods” or “capsules” in it would carry people, cargo, and possibly cars. The pods would have motors that would create a cushion of air letting them float within the tube. Motors along the inside of the tube would push the pods along. The tubes would have solar panels on their upper surfaces and thus be powered by the sun.

Musk believes that the hyperloop would be faster and cheaper than air travel for cities that are less than 900 miles apart. It would be safe, comfortable, and fast.

According to Steve Murray in an article on his personal website, Musk had mentioned the possibility of building the hyperloop back in 2012. Inspired by an extremely positive public response, he and some SpaceX engineers wrote a white paper the following year that described a hyperloop linking San Francisco and Los Angeles. He then made the paper, plans and design publically available so that anybody who wanted to try to build a hyperloop could do so.

Two companies, Hyperloop Technologies and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are building commercial hyperloops. HTT has announced that it is constructing a five-mile test track in California.